Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"When Will Romney Go On Offense Against Obama?" And Other "Ask Fred" Replies

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August 8, 2012


(Today's Feature)
"When Will Romney Confront Obama's Failed Policies Directly?" And Other "Ask Fred" Replies

Thank you to everyone who has submitted an “Ask Fred” question. I have very much enjoyed the exchange of ideas. Here are a few of my responses. Go here to submit your own “Ask Fred” question.

When Will Romney Confront Obama’s Failed Policies Directly?

Q (from 93307): When is Mitt Romney going to get off the defense and go on offense?
He should be pointing out all of Obama’s failed policies. The Democrats want him to quit being secretive about his Taxes. What about Obama’s School records, Draft Card and Birth certificate? I’m an American of Mexican decent and I would make sure that all the Latinos were made aware of Obama’s ability to pass immigration reform when he had the house, Senate and the Presidency. Instead he pushed his stupid health bill. Make the Latinos aware that this last immigration blunder was noting more than throwing the Mexicans another bone before election time. They do this every election.
A: You are right on in every respect my friend and I’m convinced that there are many more folks like you out there who are not being duped. And thanks for your service.

Why Haven’t We Cut Imports?
Q (from 71730): Both parties are always talking about no jobs and what to do but no one ever mentions cutting imports. Why?
A: Because imports are cheaper than similar goods made here. Also, if we place tariffs on imports other countries would do the same on our exports. The better question is why do we place such high taxes and regulations on our companies? That does more to kill jobs than imports.

Wouldn’t Fast and Furious Have Been The Grounds For More Stringent Gun Control? Answer.

What Makes You An Authority On These Questions? Answer.

Should The US Participate In Funding The United Nations? Answer.

How Can Americans Make An Informed Vote When The Media Supports Obama? Answer.

Typo In The Last “Ask Fred”? Answer.

Why Hasn’t Obama Been Impeached? Answer.

- Fred Thompson

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