Sunday, February 16, 2020

Fwd: Don't surrender America to globalist

This you should be thinking about, seriously.  Watch the video at the bottom !  Tom F
Subject: Don't surrender America to globalist

I write today in a continuing effort to create an interest in the take over of America by globalist intent on creating a one world government. I have been trying to get others to pay attention to this for 7 or 8 years and frankly I get the feeling I'm spinning my wheels. Flustration prompted me to ask Tom DeWeese, who is recognized as the the leading authority in the country on UN Agenda 21, how he is able to enthusiastically try to wake people up for over 20 years. He said "I don't have any choice, if we are not able to stop UN Agenda 21we lose our country". Best selling author of "UN Agenda 21 Environment Piracy" Dr. Ileana Johnson has told me basically the same thing. The third most informed person on this subject is a woman from California named Rosa Koire, best selling author of " Behind the Green Mask". I met Rosa at a meeting in Williamsburg a couple of years ago. She is a most unlikely spokeperson on the subject because she is a liberal Democrat. However, on this subject she knows what she is talking about. The plan was developed by a UN commission (The Brundland Commission) over a period of four years and presented to the nations of the world in 1992 at the Rio Conference. George Bush 41 signed it for America and Bill Clinton implemented it through The Presidential Council for Sustainable Development. The beginning phases of the plan are already in almost every country and city in America including our own. The driving force behind it is central planning which includes 21 Planning District Planning Commissions in Virginia. We are a part of the Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission which is comprised of eight counties and towns in our area. A general knowledge of "Regionalism" is helpful in understanding what the UN agenda is all about.

Rosa Koire gives a good description of the agenda in this brief video. I hope it will inspire you to do your own research. The greatest source of information can be found at The American Policy Center".  Tom DeWess shares a wealth of information on that website.


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