Thursday, September 22, 2016

Charlotte sees 2nd night of violent riots, callout of National Guard

Charlotte sees 2nd night of violent riots, callout of National Guard

Violent protesters rampaged through parts of downtown Charlotte as anger continued to build over the deadly police shooting of a black man and the wildly different stories about what happened from authorities and the victim's family and neighbors.

It's impossible to vet Muslims for what they may become

The alert woke Imani Podhradsky out of a sound sleep early yesterday. Authorities were on the hunt for Ahmad Khan Rahami, a terror suspect accused of planting bombs in New Jersey and New York.

Trump advocates return to stop-and-frisk policing; comments on Tulsa police shooting

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump embraced the nationwide implementation of a controversial police procedure that has been ruled unconstitutional known as "stop-and-frisk" as a means of reducing crime and violence during a town hall event.

The Alarming October 1st Event that Could Kill the US Dollar

FREE BOOK: Defend Your Money against Gov't Confiscation

Outrage over Stimulus Plan to Surrender Your Savings to the Banks

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Philly mayor calls bill to end sanctuary city policy 'incredibly dangerous'
Mayor Kenney on Wednesday lashed out at a proposed law that targets the city's policy of giving sanctuary to undocumented immigrants, calling it "incredibly dangerous."

18 people shot in Philly in 48-hour span
A gunman opened fire in the parking lot of a club complex in Port Richmond early Sunday morning and wounded four people. It was the second multiple shooting in Philadelphia in less than two days.

Ron Paul aide gets prison time for campaign violations
The deputy manager of Ron Paul's 2012 presidential campaign was sentenced Wednesday to three months in prison for conspiring to cover up campaign payments to a former Iowa state senator.

A 'deplorable' immigration policy revisited
I took an interest in border politics in 2005 -- about the time that Sens. Ted Kennedy and John McCain introduced their first immigration "reform" bill, the Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act.

What's in Your Wallet?
The choice for voters is clear: a tax cut from Donald Trump or a pay cut courtesy of Hillary Clinton. Trump is promising to slash income taxes to zero for millions of people currently paying them, and to reduce the tax bite on everyone.

U.N. adopts plan to protect refugees, migrants
The United Nations on Monday adopted the so-called "New York Declaration" -- a commitment to protect refugees and migrants, as well as to find solutions amid humanitarian crises.

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America on alert: A call to vigilance

Blacks riot in Charlotte after black officer shoots black man; 12 officers injured

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