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[Peninsula-Patriots] A response from county supervisor

After 3 years and many request to supervisors to establish dialogue with me, finally success from one. Thanks to O.J. Cole. I now understand that at least one of our supervisors in Mathews understands what is happening to our country. I suspect that there is one other but so far they have not opened up. Persistence finally pays off. I now feel that I can support O.J. if he decides to run for another term. Please read the article he sent to me today.

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Forward as you wish. The situation is beyond deplorable. I fail to understand why the American population doesn't perceive the threat as real.

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Thank you for forwarding this article O.J.. I found it to be both informative and truthful. Over the years I have found the Canada Free Press and The New American Magazine to be the most reliable sources of information in a sea of dis-information. I especially like the writings of Ilena Johnson of the Canada Free Press who I correspond with occasionally.

I know that you are aware of my great concern about the survival of our country. The move toward a one world government started 100 years ago when Woodrow Wilson tried to create The League of Nations and has continued until this day through the creation of the United Nations and powerful subversive organizations. I think we are now seeing the culmination of their efforts. We have reached the point where they no longer have to hide their plans. It's a sad day for freedom loving people. Many have become afraid to speak the truth because they fear their own government.

Would you allow me to forward this to others with you name on it. Many of us activist have been longing for our elected officials to show that they understand our plight. That is true at all levels of government. We have no support at the federal level and only limited support at the state level. Thanks again.
"When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law".

Frederic Bastiat

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Intelligence insider: Obama administration agenda to "kill U.S Dollar"

- Doug Hagmann (Bio and Archives) Saturday, March 30, 2013
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This week, I had a series of very sobering discussions with my highly-placed source within the intelligence world. The information he provided hit me like a proverbial tons of bricks. It connects everything we are seeing play out across the world, from the economic problems in Europe to the U.S. DHS ammunition acquisition orders and even the "gun control" debate. If you're like me, you're looking for clarity, context and focus with regard to all of the events we're constantly hearing about but seem to lack legitimate explanation. I believe this report will provide the context and clarity we are all seeking, but I must warn you that the picture is not pretty.

The economic agenda: In plain sight

Some might be surprised to learn that the fate of America's economy has already been determined, verified and announced by the Obama White House. Yet, it has received scant attention from the corporate media. In 2011, economist Kyle Bass interviewed a senior member of the Obama administration about its planned solutions for fixing the US economy and trade deficit.
Among the questions he asked was about U.S. exports and wages, but the question itself was not nearly as important as the response he received from this senior administration official. In fact, this single, seven word response clarifies everything, explains everything, and leaves little else to discuss: "We're just going to kill the dollar."
There it is, the entire agenda in one short sentence. It explains everything we've been seeing domestically and globally. That one statement makes every other question irrelevant, or otherwise answers all economic questions and explains everything. Nothing else matters. I urge you to ponder that statement and all that it implies. Doing so will provide you with the clarity to understand not only what is taking place today, but what is yet to come.

Murder & High Treason

It is important to note the specificity of the word "kill." Stated in the active voice, it means an unambiguously intentional and deliberate act. The murder of our national currency, the United States Dollar (USD), is the ultimate agenda to be implemented under Obama. To "kill" our national currency will subvert the United States and destroy it from within. This begs a number of questions, including what type of Americans would actually have, as their objective, the destruction of our national currency? To whom do they hold their allegiance, if not to the American people whose life's work as well as the toil of our ancestors is represented in the form of wealth held in U.S. dollars? Does this make any sense to us, as Americans? The answer of course is "no."
By its very definition, to kill our national currency is an act of high treason by those engaged in this activity. It undermines the very sovereignty and survival of our nation, and will have a life-changing impact on every citizen in the U.S. It will also impact every nation and the people of every nation on the planet, as the USD is presently the world's reserve currency. It is an act that should result in the filing of criminal charges against the conspirators, a trial of their peers and if convicted, a death sentence. It's that serious.
According to my source, we are past the point of no return. We will not be able to stop what is coming, but must be wise enough to prepare and "get out of the way." The murder plot involving the death of the dollar did not begin with Obama, but he and other conspirators have accelerated the plans, plots and schemes for its demise.

The ultimate objective

The ultimate objective is to implement an international currency in tandem with a system of global governance. The problem is that most people are not thinking large enough, nor do they understand the magnitude of the lie. They are not seeing the larger picture as their focus is diverted elsewhere. For example, they focus on various tentacles of the octopus such as the gun confiscation initiative, the DHS armament acquisitions and economic woes as independent and unrelated events. They are not.
Meanwhile, others continue to adhere to, or even perpetuate the dual party meme of governance, holding dearly to the notion that there is a practical difference between the Republican and Democrat parties. Have we not seen sufficient evidence that they are now of one party acting in concert with each other? They cannot see the collusion and backroom deals, and continue to hope that the next election will finally change the unchangeable continuity of agenda.
Most of the elected officials are onboard with the subjugation of the United States to a global system of governance. Some are actively facilitating this agenda, while others are making nominal objections on the stage of political theater while hoping to earn a seat at the global table. It's entertainment for the globalists, distraction of the masses, and diversionary fodder for the talking heads in the media.
America has become a captured operation - captured from within. Think of the Vichy French, internal collaboration with the enemy, or softening the ground for a full takeover from within. The takeover of America has already happened, the collaborators have already been installed, and we are now on a path to complete subjugation of a larger global system of governance. If you continue to doubt this, how else would you explain the numerous examples of our dual-party governmental acquiescence of self destruction?

"Signs, signs, everywhere signs…"

Those who are pleased about the new record setting stock-market highs and various other manipulated statistics that indicate our economy is improving will be the most vocal critics of this report and who will attempt to discredit the validity of the information offered here. The more intellectually astute will look beyond the statistics offered for mass consumption not only to identify the deliberately manipulated data, but to understand what is actually driving these false hopes, figures and data. It is a magic show, and many are still captivated by the magicians' many diversions, failing to realize that we are engaged in a global war while being simultaneously hobbled by enemy infiltrators from within.
One reason we are seeing new stock market highs is the rush to the dollar from other currencies, especially in the Eurozone. Another reason is the monetization of our debt by the Federal Reserve, despite the previous denials of Ben Bernanke and others.
Simply put, the plan by the globalists, or the central bankers and those behind them, is to create this rush to the USD like passengers from sinking ships to lifeboats. Once the lifeboats are filled to capacity, they will be sunk, and the United States Dollar will be completely worthless. As in such a scenario, many will not make it. Many will die from what is coming. The level of evil behind this plan is incomprehensible to the normal human mind.

Russia, China, Syria and Iran

As I detailed in my multiple reports about Benghazi, we are at war with Russia. After removing Qaddafi from power in Libya, the Obama-Clinton black-ops plan was immediately put into action. Benghazi was the logistics hub for arming the anti-Assad terrorists by our own State Department covert operatives who were shipping millions of tons of weapons to Syria via Turkey and other staging areas. Russia was aware of our actions, and through the attack at the CIA operations center in Benghazi by proxy forces, exposed this operation to the world while putting a stop to this operation. It seems that everyone except the Western media reported what had taken place.
The "dirty little secret" that explains why we have not been told the truth about Benghazi is quite simple. The efforts to overthrow Assad from power are continuing, except the arms and munitions shipments are now originating primarily from Croatia. Overthrowing Assad would pose a direct threat to Russia, both militarily and economically. Are we to expect Russia's Putin to simply accept this without response? No. So what is Russia doing to subvert our efforts? He is waging war against America, striking at the weak underbelly of our economy which is the "oil backed" dollar as identified in Michael Reagan's article, Building on a Kernel of Truth.
Sadly, the Obama regime is doing nothing to protect us from this asymmetrical war. It's as if they are allowing it to take place.
Although it was reported in The New York Times, few have paid attention to last week's meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, but it was an extremely important event in terms of the planned murder of the U.S. dollar. An alliance is being forged between Russia and China to replace the USD as the reserve currency, already severely weakened by the policies of those in power, with a gold backed currency. Russia and China are hoarding gold to levels never before seen, while the U.S. issues worthless paper and digital currency backed by… nothing, save for the "oil-backed" scenario.
While reports do exist that cite the hoarding of gold by China and Russia, they are purposely under reporting their collective reserves. Meanwhile, Americans can't even get honest answers to the amounts of our own gold reserves held in Fort Knox or the Federal Reserve. Don't people find this reluctance for audit and inspection a bit curious if not outright suspicious?
The battle is being waged not only by military might but by a currency war. We are "being played" through our military involvement in the Middle East, including our covert operations against Syria at the behest of Saudi Arabia. Unlike Iraq, the war in Syria will explode, turn hot, and we will be engaged in an ominous battle that will quickly expand and turn deadly. Weakened militarily through the policies of the Obama regime, coupled with an already weakened economy, the U.S. will suffer consequences unlike anyone might imagine or is willing to address. It is a recipe for disaster planned and initiated by the global elite behind the central banking system, including those in our own government. We have been set up from within, lied to, and now, we are about to see exactly what this globalist system has in store for not only the United States, but every nation of the world.
It is critical to understand that the take-down of the U.S. will be the result of an asymmetrical war that includes the weakening of our military, our economy, and a direct assault on our ability to keep the dollar as the world reserve currency and protect the free flow of oil and energy to the United States.
Within the last week, China held a surprise naval exercise in the South China Sea. Meanwhile, Russia displayed their resurgent military night in the Black Sea. These exercises were conducted as U.S. military forces are spread thinly across many areas in the world. Is anyone paying attention here?
Just as certain a collapse of the dollar is coming, so will be chaos on the streets of America caused by this plan "to kill the dollar." The central bankers and the leaders selected to govern each country have effectively used the Hegelian Dialectic[ii] to implement their agenda. Just as stated by George H.W. Bush on September 11, 1990, their predetermined solution of a "New World Order" is being formed before our very eyes. They've told us what they are doing, but we have chosen not to listen or failed to understand what was being said.
The U.S. has always been the firewall against the globalists. By their persistence, infiltration of global elitists into our government, and covert subversion from within, we are being led to slaughter. A view from space, looking at the larger picture of events for which many have questions, a clearer picture emerges. There will be some who dare to resist the pillaging of our bank accounts, the erosion of our rights, and the enslavement that comes with the dismantling of America.
The dust clouds visible on the far horizon that watchmen have been reporting for decades can now be seen as an attacking army of barbarians, whose fighters are now on the ladders and cannons are breaching our empire's outer walls. Who knows how long the inner walls of our empire will survive the next wave of their coming attack.
Perhaps Ernest Hemmingway said it best in referencing John Donne from his novel of the same name… "And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee."

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Biden: Gun-Ban Legislation "Just the Beginning"

NRA-ILA GRASSROOTS ALERT: Vol. 20, No. 13 03/29/2013

Biden: Gun-Ban Legislation "Just the Beginning" -- Pelosi: "Not the End of the Day for this Issue"

This week, Vice-President Joe Biden, and House Minority Leader, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), showed us--once again--how thorough their contempt is for our Constitutionally guaranteed Second Amendment rights.

According to a Washington Times article, on a Wednesday conference call organized by "Mayors Against Illegal Guns," Biden referred to current anti-gun legislation and told his anti-gun supporters, "Let me say this as clearly as I can: this is just the beginning."

As the article notes, recent surveys show increasing opposition to stricter gun control measures. But this fact matters not to Biden; nor to Pelosi, who also voiced a determination to continue pushing for gun bans, no matter what the American public says.



Watch the Latest Grassroots News Minute


Watch: More Advice from Joe Biden?


"Undead" U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Lurches Forward Despite Second Failed Conference

On March 28, the "Final" Conference on the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty came to a close without reaching its goal of consensus support for the treaty from the 193 nations in the body. Now, a group of nations led by Kenya, including the United States, has introduced a resolution to adopt the treaty to the UN General Assembly. A vote on the treaty is likely to take place in early April, with a meeting of the General Assembly having been scheduled for April 2. The goal of the states putting forth the resolution is for the treaty to be available for signing June 3. Passage of the treaty is expected, but a vote in the General Assembly has been described as a "weaker" method of adopting the treaty than the consensus adoption ATT backers had sought.


Outrage of the Week

This week's outrage comes to us from anti-gun, anti-freedom New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The mayor--who has been steadily building a justified reputation as a politician who pushes for increasingly intrusive government involvement in private citizens' lives--further bolstered that reputation with an outrageous statement.

As reported Monday by the Washington Times, Bloomberg indicated on Sunday that sometimes government does know best, and in those cases, Americans should just cede their rights and allow the government to make their personal choices for them.

"I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom," Mr. Bloomberg said, during an appearance on NBC.


Congressional Recess is Still On: Contact Your Lawmakers during District Work Period and Tell Them to Oppose Anti-Gun Legislation

For the next week, Congress will be out on a District Work Period. During this time, your U.S. senators and House members will be back home in their respective states and districts. The Senate announced last week that anti-gun legislation will be heard on the floor the week of April 8, so this is a great opportunity for you, as a constituent, to contact your lawmaker to personally voice your strong opposition to pending legislation that would ban popular semi-automatic firearms, standard capacity magazines, and private gun sales.

Please contact your lawmakers' district offices and set up a meeting with them. Remember, they work for you. Let your voice be heard. If you aren't able to personally visit, please be sure to call or write them. Whatever you do, please act now! And when your lawmakers return to Congress on April 8, please contact them at their D.C. offices and tell them to oppose any attacks on your Second Amendment rights.


Show Your Neighbors you'll "Stand and Fight!"

NRA-ILA has been offering three yard signs for sale featuring our "Don't Tread on my Gun Rights", "Vote Freedom First" and "I'm the NRA & I Vote" slogans. Sales of these signs have greatly aided our efforts to raise gun owner awareness, and to raise the funds we need to accomplish our goals this year.

Due to the popularity of these three signs, NRA-ILA has designed a fourth sign that is now available! Our newest yard sign highlights our newest slogan: "I Will Stand and Fight with NRA". Made of the same high quality materials, the new "I Will Stand and Fight with NRA" sign is bold, durable, and easy to assemble. Everything needed to assemble the sign is contained in one compact package, and all components are made in the USA.


Everything Is Bigger In Texas- Including the NRA Annual Meeting Grassroots Workshop!

At no time in recent history has it been more important for NRA members and Second Amendment supporters to be effective activists in our campaign to protect and preserve our Second Amendment rights. Our freedom is under attack like never before, on multiple fronts!

As such, your attendance at this year's FREE NRA-ILA Grassroots Workshop in Houston is a critical step toward ensuring the future of our gun rights. This Workshop has been a staple of NRA's Annual Meetings for decades, and is one of the most popular seminars of the week, attended by hundreds of freedom-loving NRA members.


Attend the NRA Annual Meetings Firearms Law Seminar in Houston!

The 16th Annual Firearms Law Seminar will be held on Friday, May 3,, 2013, as part of NRA's Annual Meetings.

The gold standard in firearms CLE classes, this day-long seminar provides legal instruction for practicing attorneys who represent firearms owners and licensed dealers, attorneys wishing to expand their practice to such clients, and others having an interest in Second Amendment law.



ALABAMA: Contact Your State Senator in Support of Senate Bill 286

ARIZONA: Volunteers Needed for April 6 Table Mesa Clean-Up

ARIZONA: Pro-Gun Bill Doomed Unless Your State Senator Hears from You Today

ARIZONA: Volunteers Needed for April 6 Table Mesa Clean-Up

ARKANSAS: Gun Destruction Bill to be Considered by the House

ARKANSAS: Governor Signs Important Firearm Retailer Protection Legislation, Critical Self-Defense Legislation Still Pending His Signature

CALIFORNIA: Anti-Gun Bills Scheduled for Hearings in April

CALIFORNIA: Pro-Gun Bill to be Heard in Committee on April 2

CALIFORNIA: The NRA, CRPA, FFLGUARD Oppose City of South San Francisco's Proposals to Ban the Sale of Hollow-Point Ammunition and Require Registration of all Ammunition Sales

COLORADO: Plan for Federal Lands in Grand Junction Area Will Close Lands to Recreational Shooting

COLORADO: Governor Hickenlooper Signed Away Your Rights Today

CONNECTICUT: Public Safety and Security Committee Moves Gun Control Bills

DELAWARE: Measure to Criminalize Private Sales and Transfers Approved by House Committee

DELAWARE: Two More Anti-Gun Markell Bills Introduced In Dover

DELAWARE: House Bill 35 Passes in State House

FLORIDA : Florida Alert: Want to Buy AMMO? Take an Anger Management Course First

HAWAII: Background Check Bill Makes Final Committee Stop

IDAHO: Pro-Gun Reform Needs Your Help Today!

IDAHO: State Senate Unanimously Approves Pro-Gun Reform

ILLINOIS: Anti-Gun Politicians Continue Attempts to Ram Gun Control Scheme Through State House

ILLINOIS: Your Action Needed NOW- Urge Your State Representative to Oppose House Bill 2265

INDIANA: Pro-Hunting Reform Bill Advances Out of Senate Committee

IOWA: Iowa Gun Confidentiality Protection Bill Receives Overwhelming Approval in the House

IOWA: Gun Owner Privacy Protection Bill Needs Your Help in Senate Subcommittee

KANSAS: Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism Makes Important Rule Change to Dramatically Increase Hunter Opportunity

KANSAS: Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism Makes Important Rule Change to Dramatically Increase Hunter Opportunity

KANSAS: State Legislature Advances Several Pro-Gun Bills

KENTUCKY: Right-to-Carry Reform Bill Signed by Governor

MARYLAND: URGENT: House Vote on Governor's Gun Control Bill Imminent – More Restrictive Amendments Being Considered

MARYLAND: Amendments to be Considered for Senate Bill 281

MASSACHUSETTS: Join GOAL and Other Second Amendment Supporters for a Rally to Protect Your Rights on April 3

MASSACHUSETTS: Attend the Gun Owners' Action League's Grassroots Seminar

MINNESOTA: Minnesota Anti-Gun Bill Survives House Committee, Goes to Full House for Final Approval

MINNESOTA: Governor Dayton to Host Town Hall Meetings Next Week - Your Presence is Needed

MISSISSIPPI: Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant Signs NRA-Backed Pro-Hunting Reform into Law

MONTANA: House Committee Approves "Families Afield" Bill and Sends to House Floor for Final Vote

MONTANA: Pro-Gun Bills to be Heard as Early as Today in Helena

MONTANA: Pro-Gun/Pro-Hunting Bills Go to the Governor for His Consideration

NEVADA: Senator Segerblom Determined to Bring Draconian California Firearms Ban to Nevada and Assemblyman Horne Wants Gun Owner Money

NEVADA: Pro-Gun Bills to be Heard on Monday

NEW HAMPSHIRE: House Passes Shurtleff Criminal Protection Bill

NEW MEXICO: House Bill 77 Dies on Senate Floor as New Mexico Legislature Adjourns its 2013 Session

NEW YORK: Gov. Cuomo and Anti-Gun Legislators Admit SAFE ACT Mistakes - But Continue Assault On Lawful Gun Owners

NORTH CAROLINA: Right-to-Carry Confidentiality Legislation Overwhelmingly Passes House

OREGON: Anti-Gun Bills Aimed at Law-Abiding Citizens to be Heard on Friday, April 5

PENNSYLVANIA: Pro-Hunting Legislation Passes State Senate

SOUTH CAROLINA: Several Pro-Gun Bills on the Move

TENNESSEE: Contact Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee in Support of Critical Permit Confidentiality Legislation

UTAH: Ominous Campaign Disclosure Bill Heads to Governor

VIRGINIA: Pro-Gun Legislation Receives Governor's Signature

WEST VIRGINIA: Mayor Danny Jones and Charleston Newspapers are Fighting Against Your Gun Rights

WEST VIRGINIA: House Committee to Consider Critical Pro-Gun Reform Tomorrow

WEST VIRGINIA: Important Right-to-Carry Reform Passes Senate Committee Today