Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Right From The Left Coast

Hey Patriots,

Today we have much to talk about, including an article sent to me by our own Bill Strong, on Agenda 21. it is one of the best explanations I have heard in a long time.

We have issues like the right-left paradigm - the fact that after the election, provided Mitt-Wit wins, the heavy lifting really begins.

I have information on a radio show that airs daily (Central time zone) the Sons of Liberty. I have asked Bradlee to call in to my show, and when he has time he will do so.

I have also invited the Vista Tea Party organizer Ken Happle to call in today, and I hope he can do that as well.

Ken has been trying tirelessly to fight against Agenda 21. He has many segments scheduled here in San Diego on the Rick Amato show.

Please join us, and you can call in as well with all your questions and comments.

See you at 7 PM Eastern- Your Humble Host- Linda Sills

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