Thursday, February 25, 2016

CVTP --The Central Virginia Tea Party Press....... 2/24/16 ......... JUST SCAN THE TITLES FIRST ..... circulation 375+

                CVTP --The Central Virginia Tea Party Press....... 2/24/16 ......... JUST SCAN THE TITLES FIRST ..... circulation 375+

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House passed a bill that will make it difficult, if not impossible, for the county to collect cash proffers

Amanda Chase, Roxann Robinson, Riley Ingram, Glen Sturtevant all voted to reduce revenue to Chesterfield citizens!

Valerie Jarrett STILL Receives A $36K Annual Pension For Part-Time Chicago Transit Authority Role

Henrico County Public Schools has issued a public apology after students at Glen Allen High School were shown
 a video that some and their parents found offensive and racially divisive. - the video is "race-baiting" - some child may get hurt.

108 acres along James River in Chesterfield to become a park

You have to wonder why these stories never hit the news .

"We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America" -
Childless Foodstamp receipents has risen from nearly 2 million in 2008 to around 4.7 million today.

The Supreme Court order halts the Obama White House's new "global warming" mandates

Why Glenn Beck's Media Empire Is Burning Down

Great stuff- Milton Friedman disproves the The Robin Hood Myth that "Govt benefits the poor at the expense of the rich"

DSA Marxists Told to Hide Their Support for Bernie Sanders from Voters

Great article - take a min --Correspondent of the Day: The Constitution doesn't need fixing

Conservative scorecard sites - Sen. Mitch McConnell(R) is 55% Liberal - not surprising .... Your window into Virginia politics .... checkout one of our new Supervisors ... great tool

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"Govt's only job is the protection of you, your family, your property & your country.  God & the free market can do all the rest ... and do it fairly."

Milton Friedman destroys the minimum wage and welfare ... worth savings and sharing ... goto the 2:05 min mark.

Refugee Crisis - Europe is near collapse. Lawlessness, crime, fear & hatred are everywhere & it is getting worse quickly.

Virginia Mom discovers "over-the-top, sexually explicit material" in her children's high school reading assignments. - truly vulgar

St. Paul, MN school kisses Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas goodbye

VA Gov. Terry McAuliffe Restores Concealed Carry Reciprocity Agreement - GOP victory on concealed carry reciprocity deal

Milton Friedman Versus A Socialist - Why business plus Govt is dangerous - goto 3:20 min mark.

Dodd-Frank will make it impossible for approximately 60% of us to obtain mortgages & own homes. - goto the 8:35 min mark.

Agenda 21 is a 1992 United Nations' policy document which calls for using Smart Growth and Sustainability
 to remake the world into a new global order--devoid of private property and free enterprise.

Chesterfield County Administrator James J.L. "Jay" Stegmaier announced his plans to retire, effective July 1,

Stegmaier's exit leaves county in state of flux With so much change afoot, county's future up in the air

Townhall with Congressman Dave Brat Wednesday, March 9th 7:00 PM


Dinesh D'Souza Goes Head-To-Head With Bill Ayers - you may have to give your email and name - I will watch it later

VA HB 1342 is a major attack on parental and religious rights and medical freedom.

From a patriot - very interesting and appropriate to our times

Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation Summit Feb 13th

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"The US Government borrows $50,000 more every second ....... Uncle Sam is your Uncle, not yo' Daddy ."

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Appalling Refusal

Christians are dying, and President Obama is stalling . . .

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Christians are dying, and President Obama is stalling.

ISIS - the Islamic State - is waging an absolute genocide against Christians. Missionaries are beheaded, mothers and daughters are sold into sex slavery, and boys are cut in half because of their Christian faith.

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Yet, appallingly, the Obama Administration is refusing to recognize ISIS's atrocities against Christians as genocide. In fact, the White House just turned the decision over to "lawyers" because it's afraid of the "legal ramifications."

The Obama Administration is ignoring the facts - Christians are being massacred. It's afraid that recognizing the genocide will "legally" require action.

Yes, Christians dying requires action. Beheadings, rape, and torture require action.

We're taking direct action. We've sent legal letters to the Obama Administration and assisted in securing genocide recognition in the European Parliament. Now we're preparing critical legal documents at the United Nations, demanding action to stop the genocide and defend Christians.

Take action with us before it's too late.

Sign Our Petition: Recognize the Genocide; Protect Christians.

Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

FINAL CALL: JOIN THIS CONCALL! Tuesday, 2/9/16, 12 PM ET | Admiral Ace Lyons: Benghazi: Why it Still Makes A Difference

Adm. Ace Lyons, Tuesday, February 9, 2016, 12:00-12:45 PM ET
Conference Number:  (712) 432-0900
Passcode: 199176#
ADMIRAL JAMES "ACE" LYONS JR. knows that "facts are stubborn things," and is armed with damning evidence on the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack on Benghazi that left four Americans dead, including a U.S. Ambassador and two brave U.S. Navy Seals who gave the last full measure of devotion. Afterward, when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was asked to explain her own and the State Department's actions before and during the attack, she wanted to know, "What difference at this point does it make?" Taken together with evidence that have come to light since the attack, Mrs. Clinton's evasive response should disqualify her from ever being Commander in Chief or for that matter, setting foot in the Oval Office.

It is truly an honor to have Admiral Lyons as our guest on Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at 12:00 PM ET. The Admiral will talk about troubling details about attack on Benghazi, and the U.S. State Department's feckless response to a catastrophe that could have been averted, and once it started, stopped in its tracks by decisive military action. At the pinnacle of the crisis when human life hung in the balance and decisive action was most needed, the Secretary of State was nowhere to be found.

You do not want to miss this very special call! Be sure to invite a friend!
About Admiral James "Ace" Lyons Jr.
ADMIRAL JAMES "ACE" LYONS, JR., U.S. Navy Retired, is President/CEO of LION Associates LLC, a premier global consultancy providing technical expertise in international marketing and trade, enterprise risk mitigation, including anti-terrorism site and port security, foreign policy and security affairs along with defense and commercial procurement. He has served as a member of the Board of Directors for several companies, including the Advisory Board to the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and is a counter-terrorism consultant to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California. He is sought after as a personal advisor to key officials in private organizations both in the U.S. and overseas, for his technical, business management, and strategic planning expertise and operational achievements. He is actively involved with Project Hope and other humanitarian efforts at the highest levels of the U.S. government. Admiral Lyons is also Chairman of ESINC (Emergency Services Information Network Corporation) which provides HAZMAT information to over 2,000,000 first responders through dedicated communication networks, (NLETS, RISS) and through the use of Sprint/Nextel and now on Blackberry phones.

As an Officer of the U.S. Navy for thirty-six years, most recently as Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, the largest single military command in the world, his initiatives contributed directly to the economic stability and humanitarian understanding in the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions and brought the U.S. Navy Fleet back to China. He also served as Senior U.S. Military Representative to the United Nations. As the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations from 1983 - 1985, he was principal advisor on all Joint Chiefs of Staff matters and was the father of the Navy Red Cell, an anti-terrorism group comprised of Navy Seals he established in response to the Marine Barracks bombing in Beirut. Admiral Lyons was also Commander of the U.S. Second Fleet and Commander of the NATO Striking Fleet which were the principle fleets for implementing the Maritime Strategy. Admiral Lyons has represented U.S. interests with military and civilian leadership worldwide - including China, Japan and other Pacific Rim countries, the European continent and Russia. As Fleet Commander he managed a budget of over $5 billion and controlled a force of 250,000 personnel. Key assignments preceding Flag rank included Chief of Staff, Commander Carrier Group Four, Commanding Officer, USS Richmond K. Turner (CG-20) and Commanding Officer, USS Charles S. Sperry (DD697). He has been recognized for his distinguished service by the United States and several foreign governments. He is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and has received post graduate degrees from the U.S. Naval War College and the U.S. National Defense University.

Admiral Lyons has given numerous lectures, speeches and interviews nationally and internationally. He also has written articles for the Naval War College Review and Naval Institute Proceedings along with other national and international journals.
To unite Americans of all races and backgrounds as One Nation Under God for the preservation and defense of our Judeo-Christian heritage and values, our Constitution, and our free market economy, our national security and the freedom of every citizen.
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House Antiterrorism Caucus

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Senator Ted Cruz

2016 Presidential Candidate

My Vision for America

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