Monday, August 23, 2021

Dinesh D'Souza: "Heartwarming Video Shows How Much U.S. Soldiers Care For The Afghan People" and 15 more videos

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Heartwarming Video Shows How Much U.S. Soldiers Care For The Afghan People 1 hour ago

PARANOID Biden: "I Don't Trust Anybody, Including You" 2 hours ago

Gut-wrenching Audio Message from American Citizen Trapped in Afghanistan 2 hours ago

Small Group of Patriots Chase Off MASSIVE Throng of Antifa Wimps 2 hours ago

Proud Boys Flip Van Used to Transport Antifa Militants Attacking Patriot Rally in Portland 3 hours ago

Man Creates New 'Gender Identities' That Defy the Imagination in Cringy Woke Video 3 hours ago

China HUMILIATES Biden Admin for Afghanistan FAILURE in Effort to Dethrone U.S. as Global Superpower 3 hours ago

What Did Two of Shakespeare's Greatest Plays Reveal About Diversity 19 hours ago

Reporter Reveals Results of Humiliating Poll About Biden's Mental State TO HIS FACE 19 hours ago

Biden Trips Over Words, Forgets Name of FEMA Head, Despite Having Teleprompter Right in Front of Him 20 hours ago

Jesse Watters Shows How Biden's Own Words Prove His Cluelessness 20 hours ago

NBC Guest TORCHES Biden for Telling Lie After Lie Amidst Visible and Incomprehensible Incompetency 21 hours ago

Here's Why Gavin Newsom is TERRIFIED of Larry Elder 21 hours ago

Sec of State Tries to Cover for Biden's Lies, Fails Miserably on National Television 21 hours ago

MTG Takes a Sledgehammer to Biden's Anti-American Agenda 21 hours ago

Trump Hilariously ROASTS Biden as Packed Stadium Goes WILD 21 hours ago

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