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Peninsula Tea Party | USDA Declares Meatless Monday


PTP Wire | USDA Declares "Meatless Mondays"



Welcome to the Peninsula Tea Party Weekly Wire! The Wire provides information about events and legislation that you may not get otherwise.


This week's theme is the meat, poultry and dairy industry, mainly poultry. We discuss the Department of Agriculture's latest stance on meat, a man in Roswell who killed himself and a local man whose trying to get county code changed.


In addition, we can celebrate another Tea Party victory. 


USDA Declares "Meatless Monday"


In an internal newsletter, the USDA encouraged employees to participate in "Meatless Monday". After an outcry from the livestock industry, they rescinded their position. This is an indication that more regulations and controls will be placed upon the production of meat and dairy.


How did we get from Meatless Mondays to suppressed meat production?

According to the United Nations, livestock generates more greenhouse gases than...transportation.


Kansas Senator Jerry Moran spoke about "Meatless Monday" on July 25th. According to Senator Moran, meat and dairy production has a large environmental impact and it waste resources.


"...while a vegetarian diet could have a beneficial impact

on a person's health and the environment, many people

are not ready to make that commitment. Because Meatless

Monday involves one day a week, it's a small change that

could produce big results. "


Sen. Jerry Moran Questions USDA Promotion of
Sen. Jerry Moran Questions USDA "Meatless Mondays" (3:52)


United Nations Discusses Small Farms


In February 2012, The United Nations held an International Agricultural Development Conference to discuss the role of the small farmer. IFAD President, Kanayo Nwanze states that government's role is to ensure small farmers and everyone living in rural areas must realize their potential.


Rwanda's President, "...with the right policies and that at which, investment, we can increase food production while protecting our environment."



UN urges focus on rural development to lift millions out of poverty

UN discusses rural

development / small farms (1:29)


U.N. Agenda 21, para 13.6. d. emphasis "Governments...should encourage policies that would provide incentives to farmers and local people to undertake conservation and regenerative measures."


If you're familiar with United Nations Agenda 21, "Strengthening the Role of the Farmer" (para 32) is vital to Sustainable Development and that's not good for individual rights.



U.N.: "Livestock Generates Nearly

Fifth of World's Greenhouse Gases"


According to a NYT Article in 2008, "meat is something people are encouraged to consume less of, as the toll exacted by industrial production increases, and becomes increasingly visible." The United Nations states, "livestock production generates nearly a fifth of the world's greenhouse gases - more than transportation."


There are too many resources used in the production and consumption of meat and poultry products. With policies and ordinances geared toward controlling, if not eliminate, meat produced on farms.



Chicken Man Harassed by

Roswell, GA City Officials


Andrew Wordes from Roswell GA is an example of the fight for property rights and how city officials will resort to anything to ensure chickens are not allowed. He was known as "the Chicken Man" and he can speak for himself:


Andrew Wordes The American Chicken-man of Roswell Georgia Radio Interview
Andrew Wordes The American Chicken-man of Roswell Georgia Radio Interview (6:48)

Chicken Man Kills Himself

When City Officials Evict


Andrew Wordes...killed himself when the city comes to evict him.



Sign Petition to Help James City County

Citizen Own Chickens


Eric Danuser and the Concerned Citizen's of the Historic Triangle are fighting for his property rights. Last year, Chickahominy Haven resident Eric Danuser decided to get chickens. As he and his family acclimated to chickens, a neighbor complained to city officials.


Zoning codes do not allow Eric to keep chickens on his own property and he hopes to get city officials to change county code. If the Planning Commission is consistent with United Nations guidance, they will not change zoning codes.


As stated before, poultry and meat production contributes to environmental issues. Recently, York County, Poquoson and other communities have fought similar property rights issues concerning farming and aquaculture.


To help Eric and his family with their property rights issue, please sign the petition below.


Comprehensive Plans and zoning codes are inclusive, meaning that if local government or ordinances do not give permission, then you can not do it.



Tea Party Candidate

Ted Cruz Wins Texas Runoff

Ted Cruz Wins Texas Runoff in Tea Party Victory
Ted Cruz Wins Texas Runoff in Tea Party Victory


Congratulations Conservative Ted Cruz won a huge upset victory over liberal Republican David Dewhurst in the Texas U.S. Senate primary.


This is what the Tea Party movement can accomplish when we work together.


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