Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Check out "State Department Sends $6 Million to Terror-Tied Palestinian UN Organization" on Tea Party Command Center

National Dire…
Check out the discussion 'State Department Sends $6 Million to Terror-Tied Palestinian UN Organization'
Aren't you glad you pay taxes so they can send your hard earned money to fund terrorists?

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Discussion posted by National Director, Dee:

The State Department announced Monday that the U.S. is providing an immediate $6 million dollars of funding to the United Nations Relief an...

Discussion link:
State Department Sends $6 Million to Terror-Tied Palestinian UN Organization

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Friday, April 10, 2015

InstaPoll: Standing with Israel

Congressman Randy Forbes


When Israel was founded in 1948, the United States was the first nation to recognize Israel as a sovereign state. Since that time, the United States has stood staunchly by Israel as its closest ally in the Middle East. This strong bond was founded on the common interests the two nations share in the region and the shared values of the Israeli and American people.

Israel remains the leading recipient of U.S. foreign military financing (FMF), receiving security assistance funding, shared technology, and funding for missile defense programs and systems, including support for Iron Dome, Israel's short-range anti-rocket system. The U.S. has also assisted with the development of Israel's David's Sling, their long-range missile defense system, and served as a longstanding proponent of Israel's right to defend itself. These systems have helped protect Israelis from rockets fired by terrorist groups, like Hezbollah, at Israeli civilian targets.

More recently, however, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to a joint session of Congress, a rare split has occurred in relations between the U.S. and Israel. The White House refused to meet with the Prime Minister during his visit, citing the approaching Israeli election. Following Prime Minister Netanyahu's campaign statement (which he later clarified) on Palestinian statehood and his subsequent re-election, the White House announced it was reconsidering policy towards Israel, and could withdraw its unwavering support for Israel at the United Nations.

Question of the Week: Should the United States continue its traditional support for Israel?

(  ) Yes.
(  ) No.
(  ) I am unsure.
(  ) Other.

Take the Poll here

Find the results of last week's InstaPoll here.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sen. Rand Paul announces presidential run

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Sen. Rand Paul announces presidential run

image Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has announced he will be running for the Republican nomination for president of the United States in the 2016. "I am running for president to return our country to the principles of liberty and limited government," Paul said on his website.

CO Civil Rights Decisions Depend On Which Side Of The Cake You're On

image A Colorado baker was within her right to refuse to decorate cakes with anti-gay messages and images, the state's Civil Rights Division ruled.

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Marijuana legalization has more support than any candidate in important election states

image A new Quinnipiac poll has found support for legalizing marijuana is higher than support for any of the likely presidential candidates in some important election states.

BS Grows Fat on the Rolling Stone

image The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism has issued a 12,866 word report that literally shreds Rolling Stone magazine, convicting the publication and its employees of gross negligence and ethical malfeasance in the publishing of a story that falsely accused the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity members at the University of Virginia of gang-raping a freshman coed. Yet, no one at the magazine will lose their job, not the editors or the reporter. Evidently it's a good time to be a Progressive media hack in the United States.

Same-sex marriage won't be legal on reservations

image Even if a U.S. Supreme Court ruling this spring makes same-sex marriage the law, it would leave pockets of the country where it isn't likely to be recognized any time soon: the reservations of a handful of sovereign Native American tribes, including the nation's two largest.

Black protesters seek United Nations probe of Wisconsin police shooting

image A group of protesters called Monday for the United Nations to conduct an independent investigation of a white Wisconsin police officer who killed an unarmed biracial man because they feel the U.S. government can't be trusted.

McCain will seek 6th term

image Amid speculation he might retire, U.S. Sen. John McCain instead announced he will seek a 6th term in 2016. McCain, a 2008 Republican presidential nominee and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said he's eager to continue his longtime Senate career.

What Will the Court Do to Marriage?

image If you get your news primarily from entertainment shows or social media, you might think that same-sex marriage has already been recognized as a constitutional right. In fact, the Supreme Court held just the opposite in 1972 and has since refused several opportunities to revisit that ruling.

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