Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Would you rather live in America or the NAU?

Would you rather live in America or the NAU?
The NAU, the North American Union,  is Canada, America and Mexico with no borders and a supra government?
You can read details below ending with  what you can do about it.
If you would please, let me know when you have called and/or emailed the White House.
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Sue Long
It's Back: Globalists Kickstart NAU
From Bill Hahn

What do the following have in common?
--Free Trade Area of the Americas
--Security and Prosperity Partnership
--Trans Pacific Partnership

These are all the trade agreements and partnerships that JBS members killed in the last 15 years. We nearly had the North American Free Trade Agreement beat, but the neo-cons (thanks a lot, Newt!) jumped on board and pushed it through.

 The first two above were to be used as building blocks by globalist planners for the North American Union, but we stopped it. However, unless you get involved today, its comeback is all but assured!

 (Recall that the European Union was brought together using trade agreements). Also recall that the UK voted itself out of the EU last year because of all the problems associated with the union, including loss of independence.

 Globalist planners put NAFTA into place as the cornerstone of a foundation of a regional union of the three North American countries, ultimately merging them together as a stepping stone to world government under the United Nations. The plan was to use Canadian and American resources to elevate Mexico to a certain level that would make it compatible for merging with its two northern neighbors. Of course, to elevate Mexico means to bring down the U.S. and Canada while harmonizing or entangling them in various areas (economic, political, etc.).

 NAFTA gave the globalist planners a great start. American manufacturers took advantage of moving production to Mexico and ended up losing nearly a million jobs (though it took a much more direct hit from China and the WTO). Canada has felt a bit of this as well.

 Chapter 11 of NAFTA also gave planners what they wanted: an unaccountable bureaucracy, which in this case was formed to oversee disputes. However, these Chapter 11 tribunals have flipped U.S. Supreme Court decisions, giving the planners one other item: precedence in the court of public opinion. These planners pushed through this clearly unconstitutional agreement and all of its accompanying legislation and rammed it down the throats of the electorate to see how far they could go. And they went all the way: convincing the electorate that these agreements trump the bedrock of American jurisprudence!

 We were all thrilled when candidate Trump campaigned against NAFTA. Except, globalists planners have pressured him to flip from withdrawal to triggering renegotiation. Of course, these planners are just salivating at the thought of "modernizing" NAFTA, and after all we have learned about these trade agreements, we know good and darn well that renegotiating NAFTA will be opening up Pandora's Box.

 We think that all the ground the planners lost in the FTAA, SPP, and TPP (and quite possibly the Brexit) will be made up by expanding NAFTA. And since it's under a Republican administration and Congress, they have perfect cover -- which means, it's once again up to us to expose the NAU build-up plans and get the US out of NAFTA.

 So this Memorial Day, as we pay our respects to those who have given it all in a sacrifice to the independence of this country, we have to ask, "Are you America First or North America First?" Be sure to make some time to call President Trump and Congress and let them know the answer.


1. Call President Trump and your rep. and senators and tell them: "No negotiations! Get US Out of NAFTA!"
--President Trump: 202-456-1111
--Representative: 202-225-3121
--Senators: 202-224-3121
2. Follow-up with an email from our
Legislative Alert
3. Donate $5, $10, $20, or more to help carry this message to other patriotic Americans.
4. Keep an eye on our Stop the North American Union Action Project page for news and tools regarding