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Fwd: Smart Meter protest argument...

Hi All:
This is a message from Martha and the questionnaire from Maredy.
Please fill out the info below if you can attend.
As we know from studying Agenda 21 the only way they listen is economically.

As a thought:
Where is the 10 year study showing no harmful results on a test group?
Why are they implementing without one?
California just did a study on theirs and got disastrous results.

If the purpose of smart meters is to reduce electric costs why is FLP asking for a rate increase?

Why are the meters being manufactured in China? How do they know what is in the meter?
Why are Americans not getting these jobs?
China provided us with Chinese dry wall oops, poison pet food, oops, faulty strollers for our children, oops, counterfeit parts for our weapon system oops.What guarantee are they giving that there is not something in a Chinese meter?
When does doing something over and over expecting different results kick in?

From:  <>
Subject: Smart Meter protest argument...
(Folks: I am sending this out to everyone who's name I have collected from received emails about Smart Meters. You may not know me...Martha)

 Dear Fellow anti-Smart Meter activists:
> Coming up in three weeks, FPL is going to 'allow' us to present our arguments against the coming "Smart Meters" to their guard dog, the Florida Public Service Commission, an unelected body of "important" people.
> Some of you may, or may not, agree with my very cynical take on this event. I present as my own personal opinion, from my own personal experience, the following:
> This will be a losing proposition for all of us....
> ........unless we can hit the one small spot that exposes their jugular.
> FPL (Florida Plunder and Loot) is a government sanctioned monopoly (or do I repeat myself?)... which means the Florida Government itself is supporting them  .... also, all their investors,including the folks IN the Government, as of  NOW, have a guaranteed NET profit return on their investment of 11 1/2 percent  (better than gold ...) These are many, powerful, connected, influential people.  And we are what?... voters?    Wow.
> So with our hearts on our sleeves, and all the best intentions in the world, we make the trek to Tallahassee to speak in front of them to plead our case.... but we will be coming from a powerless position.
> We will complain that the Meters will be spying on us. They will yawn. What ISN'T lately? Thank You. NEXT.
> We will complain that the Meters may start fires. They will declare that more "safety" features will be added (perhaps local Code Enforcement will make certain that the Homeowner has his system updated) "Next".....
> We will complain that these devices are not UL approved. ("THEY" know it is not necessary, since these Meters are not for sale on the free market. UL approval is a costly, independent, third party seal of approval for consumer information...) NEXT...
> We will resort to declaring that we JUST DON'T WANT ONE! They will count us, and figure how many of us there are that they can extract a surcharge from. NEXT...
> Then there are folks like me, who concentrate on the detrimental Health effects. They tell me that FPL itself has LOTS and LOTS of studies of their own (yeah, great) to 'prove' otherwise..... I am then put on the defensive, with the burden of "proving" the contrary, as if I were a Public Health Official, which of course I am not, no matter how many pages of International EMF Studies, World Health Organization, Sage Report, Government of Sweden EMF studies, etc. I quote. I will never rise to 'expert witness' status, and they know it.
> You see... my point of view is that this a game of chess, and my contention is that we, as a substantial body, are still playing by 'their' rules by holding to these (very legitimate but) powerless arguments.
> My attack move is this: (in logical steps)
> 1) FPL is a monopoly, State approved. Therefore, there is no Free-Market competition allowed, especially one that would offer a non harmful alternative like Fiber Optics. Therefore, I am FORCED to get electricity from them, if I want electricity (without the unrealistic cost of personally going "off-grid".)
> (the validity of 'Contracts' could be talked about here, as a one-sided agreement is a questionable 'Contract'...)
> 2)The Mandate of the Public Service Commission, as stated on their website is: "To provide SAFE, Reasonable, and Reliable" public utility services....  SAFE, eh?  Are any of these PSC guard dogs prepared to guarantee the "safety" of these meters? ( Art Graham had a bit of a fit when I raised this point in Daytona... Maredy Hanford is my witness..)
> Are any of them prepared to take on the role of Public Health or Public Safety officials?  Do any of them have expertise in epidemiological studies, or are familiar with the commonly recognized public Precautionary Principle? NO.
> So, are they in a position to declare these Meters "safe"? Is the Florida Legislature, indirectly, able to stand behind their "safety"? No.
> So, according to the PSC Mandate, they have nothing other than FPL's word that the Meters are, in fact, "safe".
> 3) (see where I'm going  here?..) When cornered, Ms. Maggie Bisbal, an FPL Customer Advocate, ( contact her at 1-800-397-6544 ext 14) admitted that THERE IS NO ONE IN THE CHAIN OF COMMAND, up to the Governor, who is legally liable for any adverse health effects.
> This admission came when I took her side and phrased my question thus: 'Ok, so say all of FPL's  studies are true, and there ARE no ill effects, is there any one in a position who would be legally liable?'
> No, she said.
> 'They' are not prepared for this angle.  'They' are not at all prepared for an offensive questioning their legitimacy. 'They' are well prepared to counter every one of our arguments EXCEPT when we declare that we are no longer SERFS begging for fairness from the Great Lords. We DEMAND safety, and accountability. Up to the State level.
> In numbers, I believe this approach will work, because it's the only angle I see that scares them.
> In a competitive Free Market, customers have a choice.
> In a competitive Free Market, if a Company's product harms the public, the Company is liable for  damages. (or is soon out of business)
> If a Government sanctioned monopoly gives 'customers' no choice, and harms them...... what?.... tough luck?

Dear Smart Meter Terminators:   (Make sure to read all the way to the end of this e-mail)
For those of you who have not sent this info, if you are attending the Florida Public Service Commission workshop in Tallahassee on Sept 20, 2012, please send me the information I am requesting below.  I will provide each of you with the list and contact information of each participant so we are organized and can communicate with each other.  Write down:
1.  Name:
2.  City:
3.  County:
4.  State:
5.  Zip code:
6.  Landline phone #:
7.  Cell phone #:
8.  E-mail address:
Attached please find the Consumer Comments sheet and a sample letter to the Florida PSC.  Please send your comments and this letter or write your own to the PSC.  Make sure you request a PUBLIC HEARING instead of the workshop because the hearing will be legally binding and the workshop is not.  Thank you.
Maredy Hanford. 

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