Wednesday, August 15, 2012

[Peninsula-Patriots] Fw: Patriot Alert! Please help us get this video out...Klamath River Dam expose` of Dr. Houser (whistleblower) and the

This comes from Tricia Miles.

From my friend in the Pulaski Tea Party:

Subject: Patriot Alert! Please help us get this video out...Klamath River Dam expose` of Dr. Houser (whistleblower) and the
When the science is corrupted and so many lives and properties are at stake, WHY would they go forward with DEMOLISHING THREE HYROELECTRIC DAMS in the Northwest. These are the same people who are partnered with the NRV Planning District Commission (Kevin Byrd, Executive Director of the NRVPDC is also President of the NRV Chapter of Trout Unlimited) in the NRV Livability Initiative and signed the New River Valley Sustainable Communities Consortium Advisory Committee Signatory Letter for Trout Unlimited. LISTEN CLOSELY to the actions of the boss of the Scientific Integrity Officer who fired the whistleblower and her association with Trout Unlimited. Trout Unlimited is yet another eco radical organization that wants to return the rivers to their "natural" state. All of you people who have the highest assessed property in Pulaski County on Claytor Lake and those who own property on the banks of the New River, what do you think your property would be worth if the Claytor Lake Hydroelectric Dam was demolished? Do you think that your property taxes would reflect the loss of value in your property? Did the recent housing collapse affect your property taxes? It may not be happening here YET but it will be if enough people do not get involved to stop it.  Please share this with any of your friends who have property on Claytor Lake or the New River.

According to the UN Global Biodiversity Assessment Report - page 755 (which is the meat and potatoes of Agenda 21) Dams are not sustainable.  What is happening in CA has happened in other states.  And it will eventually happen in your state too.  In my state of TN I can see how this would have a major impact.  The TVA has several HUGE dams in Polk County alone that if they were destroyed would destroy a large portion of our entire county….which includes A LOT of farm land.  Destroy the farmland=Destroy the food supply=Destroy us!!  And again the Biodiversity Assessment Report - page 771 claims we must reduce the world population to 1 billion.  Please take the time to listen and share with others.  How much will it take before people wake up and believe we are under assault by our own government??  If this does not enrage you I don't know what will…….

We all know about the dams being removed across the USA...this will be the largest dam removal in history and it will decimate a Northern California farming community. 
Our Department of Interior and Inspector General are CLEARLY LYING!!! 
This August 2nd video is unreal...including the "opposition's" -obviously a radical liberal- response who makes a complete fool of himself.  Congressman McClintock is a hero...but the dams are still on the path for are 26,000 others.
The hearing evidence will blow you away...this agenda is so corrupt...
(the info after McClintock speaks is also related to the BP Gulf spill)!

DeWitt Edwards 
 I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.
James Madison

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