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Taxpayers want bill stopping seizing citizens

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The Virginia Taxpayers Association is calling on the General Assembly to pass a resolution preventing seizure and torture of U. S. citizens without a trial "as provided in the tyrannical and unconstitutional National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) secretly signed by President Obama Dec. 31, 2011,"  the VTA said today.

Kenneth White, VTA president, said, "Obama had promised he would veto this unlawful act, but then in Hawaii, the night before New Year's Day, he furtively signed it without any public announcement. 

"This makes him a total dictator, with power to arrest and detain indefinitely any U. S. citizen who opposes his policies in any way, whether publicly, in a phone call or even in a personal computer text message.

"Rep. Ron Paul, R.-Tex., who will be on the Virginia Presidential ballot Mar. 6, 2012, is the only candidate strongly opposing NDAA.  The other presidential candidates and the media have cooperated in covering up this terribly dangerous act."

White added, "Vigorous grassroots pressure, expressed through the General Assembly, must be applied immediately to prevent NDAA from being carried out in the Commonwealth, and later in other states.  NDAA is a blatant violation of the Fourth Amendment, as well as the First, Fifth, Sixth and Tenth Amendments.

"Section 1021(e) of this 565-page act specifically declares: 'Nothing in this section shall be construed to affect existing law or authorities relating to the detention of United States citizens, lawful resident aliens of the United States, or any other persons who are captured or arrested in the United States.'  The fact is, existing law means the Patriot Act, which already allows indefinite detainment and the killing of American citizens, and this is intolerable."

White also said, "State spending is scheduled to be reduced in the biennium budget, and Ron Paul is the only candidate who has pledged to cut federal spending by one trillion during his first year as president.  One of the most objectionable items to all Virginia educators is the federal No Child Left Behind Act, which substitutes dog training for educating the mind, and would be canceled by Paul, along with the federal Department of Education, that interferes with proper state control of education programs.

"A major share of the federal budget is in the Defense Department, that includes large sums supporting military operations around the globe.  Americans are incessantly propagandized that we are threatened by Iran, but now the Washington Times (Dec. 29, 2011) has dramatically revealed that two very knowledgeable chiefs of Israel's Mossad have stated publicly to Israeli ambassadors that (QUOTE) 'A nuclear-armed Iran does not necessarily pose an existential threat to Israel.'  (UNQUOTE)  

"Former intelligence chief Meir Dagan disagreed with his own prime minister, Bibi Netanyahu on this important matter, and on Dec. 29, 2011  Mossad Chief Tamir Pardo  affirmed that there is no existential threat to Israel, which already has massive nuclear missile strength.  Ron Paul, who has received more contributions from active military personnel, the people who fight our wars, than all other candidates combined, including Obama, wants discussions with Iran rather than incessant threats. What Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is doing pressing injunctions that are already an act of war could easily result in some 'false flag' incident that could be used to justify a U. S. attack on Iran.

"The fact is, we and the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs are not taking proper care of the fine young men and women who have volunteered to fight in the armed services, and some of whom have literally gone through hell in unnecessary military operations.  Well over 5,600 American military have already been killed in the Middle East, and we cannot afford to expand this tragic loss of life.

"What is not generally known is that all our forces in Iraq to Afghanistan have been subjected to terribly toxic depleted uranium dust, because DU has been manufactured in virtually all our missiles and explosives, to harden them and make them more destructive.  Army rules for proper handling of DU have been written by Maj. Doug Rokke, a physician who himself is suffering cancer as a result of exposure to DU in Iraq.  Dr. Rokke has stated  publicly  many times that his rules, officially approved by Veterans Affairs Sec. Eric Shinseki, have generally not been properly observed.  Military personnel close to explosions have lost not only parts or all of limbs but have received in their bodies toxic DNA that is passed to their spouses, children and all their descendants through at least 700 million years.

"Now Dr. Rokke has declared publicly that DU is being regularly used in new cement poured in the U. S., irradiating our concrete roads and cellars of many new homes  A congressional investigation of this extremely serious subject is clearly required."

A further matter needing immediate congressional action, VTA said, "is requests by the Department of Defense (DOD), for bids to operate Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) camps around the country to handle civilians.  These camps, mostly located in former military bases, including at least two large camps in Virginia, at Fort A. P. Hill and Fort Pickett., already have barbed wire and multiple cages.  Thus they are essentially concentration camps to handle a large share of Virginia's population, designated by DOD as 'enemies.'  Yet no Virginia official has lifted a finger to stop this obvious terrible police state."

Administration attempts to control citizens through mandated health insurance for every single person "are not the only measures being taken by Washington radicals to affect the  health of Americans," VTA said.    "White chemtrails in tic-tac-toe designs  covering  blue  skies  all  over  the U. S., supposedly mere jet engine exhausts, actually carry heavy levels of toxic aluminum, barium and strontium that gradually spread to form dark clouds.  We are told that this is done to prevent global warming from the sun..

"But the real purpose is to make Americans ill, and gradually kill them off, to promote public goals of the World Health Organization, United Nations, Club of Rome, U. S. Public Health Service and top eugenicists.  Innumerable studies have confirmed that persons in all geographic areas have felt sick after spraying of the toxic clouds. This lawless government activity must be stopped by pubic outrage," the VTA concluded.


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