Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shocker: Film praising terrorists nominated for Oscar

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January 26, 2012
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Tonight on GBTV: Is George Soros making his move? Glenn has the latest developments on how Soros may be ready to push the Euro off the cliff. Don't miss it tonight at 5pm on GBTV!

Real News: Another GOP debate takes place tonight, but not everyone is excited. Why are some major Republican Jewish Donors deciding to keep their checkbooks closed this year? Don't miss "Real News" tonight at 7pm ET on GBTV. 

Sharpton grills Romney on taxes despite owing IRS $3.7 million
Al Sharpton went on an improbable rant on his MSNBC program recently, lashing out at Mitt Romney for paying the legally required amount of capital gains taxes -- despite himself owing $3.7 million in back taxes. Sharpton also apparently sees no problem with taking nearly a quarter million dollar salary from his non-profit action group, even though the group is over $1 million in the hole. Watch Sharpton humiliate himself more than he usually does and get Glenn's reaction HERE.

Stu Blog: What happens if you make a film that is "cautiously sympathetic" to terrorists? You get nominated for an Oscar! See which film it is here.

How exposed are you in the digital age? Best-selling author Brad Thor and life continuity expert Barrett Moore joined Glenn on GBTV last night to discuss this very question. Fascinating conversation – WATCH.

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Newt resorts to more leftist attacks
Newt gave an interview on Univision and reverted back to his anti-capitalist, leftist line of attacks on Mitt Romney during the segment. It shouldn't be surprising coming from Newt, who has been readily exposed as a big government progressive Republican - and he's probably feeling a little heat after the latest polling shows Romney has regained the lead in Florida. Glenn reacts to the attack on radio today

Shocking Report: 91% Americans unprepared to survive disasters 

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Arizona Governor vs. President Obama 
President Obama was in Arizona this week and when he got off the plane and was greeted by Gov. Jan Brewer, he spared the pleasantries and started whining like a 2-year-old child. Instead of talking about policies, the border, anything of substance - this ego-maniac complained about what she said about him in a book. Glenn reacts here.

UPDATE: Ted Cruz on Agenda 21
Agenda 21 is one of those creepy intrusive government programs that sort of seeps across America little by little until one day we all wake up knee deep in Agenda 21 slime. Glenn talks with Texas GOP Senate hopeful (and Agenda 21 opponent) Ted Cruz about the latest and what's being done to thwart it. WATCH
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