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Legislative and other important updates: Alexandria Tea Party

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Alexandria Tea Party Newsletter
This is a very important update. The Virginia 2012 General Assembly has begun. The bills have been submitted, and the COLA committee of the Virginia Tea Party Federation has already been reading through hundreds of bills as we speak. As we discussed at our last meeting, there are some absolutely amazing, pro freedom and extraordinarily important pieces of legislation that will be voted on. It is absolutely essential that the tea party movement in Virginia is engaged with those particular votes. The way to be a part of it is extremely simple. Below you will find a list of particular bills that we think you should know about. There is also a link, that will take you to the COLA web page where you can sign up to receive 12 bill alerts over the next 2 months. That is it. You will receive a phone call, and the message will ask you to push/dial "1". You will be told the bill number and whether we support/don't support that legislation. You will be connected to the Va Gen'l Assembly Building operator and they will ask for your zip code. You can then communicate your support or non support for that legislation to your representative.
Please sign up for this effort. The Virginia Tea Party Federation has invested hundreds of man hours and dollars to push forward freedom in Virginia. We need as many people, their conservative friends and family, to sign up for this alert system.

Thank you,
Alexandria Tea Party Executive Committee 
2012 Virginia General Assembly Important Legislation to Know About and Support (we will continue to update you and also inform you of other bills in the weeks to come).


  • Eminent Domain Constitutional Amendment (HJ3, SJ3): this is the 2nd go round in the General Assembly that this legislation must go through to get on the November 2012 ballot. It passed last year, has had bipartisan support, but must have a majority support (no tie breaker by Lt. Gov Bolling allowed because it is an amendment to the state constitution!) in the Senate. Yes, you need to call and support this amendment. This will ensure that property owners have fair trials with juries present, can introduce evidence of potential financial loss and make the government, NOT the property owner, have to prove it's case for taking property! Property rights are civil rights.
  • Health Care Compact(HB264): this legislation is being debated across the country. The bill has been passed in 4 states, vetoed in 2. The goal is to get 1/2 of the states to pass this compact. Then it goes to an up and down vote in Congress and becomes federal law. The Compact means that the states have the right to decide how they spend federal taxpayer dollars on health care. It is a governance issue, NOT spending. The important thing is that it will be a complete shield from Obamacare, the federal government will not be allowed to force the states to comply to obamacare mandates or regulations. The legislation must pass word for word w/o changes in every state. We support this legislation.
  • American Law for American Courts (HB631): this simply reinforces that rulings in our court systems in Virginia must be based on the United States/Virginia Constitution and prevents incorporation of international and shariah law into  Virginia law, policy and regulations!
  • UDA's Optional (HB92): Regarding "urban development areas", this law is focused on giving localities much more control and decision making regarding the insertion of agenda 21 property rights/environmental regulations that are infesting state and local laws nationwide.  Currently state law mandates what localities must implement. Agenda 21 is about moving people off of rural lands and into "planned communities". Think the U.S.S.R. and cinder block apartments, with no ownership of personal property or automobiles, and the government owning all wilderness and open space, all in the name of "sustainability" and "climate change".
  • Universal Tax Credit (no bill number yet): Basically this will give every taxpayer and corporation a tax credit that will allow parents to use money to send their kids to better performing private (and public!) schools, AND home schooling as well! There will be a non profit organizational structure that will give scholarships to lower income students. This legislation has been passed in Florida and PA. Right now there are competing bills, some are awful (they only allow corporations to donate tax credits, so only lower income students are given options introduced by Stanley (R) SB 131), which have been submitted by republicans. Just so you know, this bill, with full support by republicans in the Senate, could be signed into law by the Lt. Governor. Yet, it is the WEAK RINO republicans who are standing in the way.
  • Voter Integrity: We do not have bill numbers yet, but there are multiple pieces of legislation including Voter ID that will be very important to support. Stay tuned.





**FYI: We will remind you via email alert about these extremely important bills as they come up to be voted on. Thanks.

Our Next Meeting: "Romancing the Vote" on Tuesday February 14th at the Alexandria Lyceum.

At this meeting we will have an exciting array of speakers. Each will present a very important issue/opportunity to engage this year regarding elections, state/local politics, and legislation. There will be "speed dating" tables that you will be given complete information. Everyone will leave ready to engage and be effective.

Where: Alexandria Lyceum Sth. Washington Street
When: Tuesday February 14th from 7 - 9 PM
Cost: The event is free. Donations are appreciated to cover the cost of hall rental
Food and Drink: In honor of our unofficial Virginia State Motto, "Virginia is for (freedom) Lovers", we will have snacks, chocolate and a selection of beverages.

An evite will be sent in the next couple of days, please sign up so we know how much food and drink to purchase.

Look forward to seeing everyone there. Remember, freedom and liberty warms the heart!

Alexandria Tea Party supports getting local, state and federal office seekers on the Virginia Ballot, as well as reviewing and revising current Virginia law if it is found unconstitutional or is a barrier for candidates to get on the ballot.

Virginia has been in the news lately with the presidential primary debacle, in which only two presidential contenders made it on to the ballot, to the dismay and raised eyebrows of many people. Local tea party activist and attorney Jon Moselely took the issue to court, but the case did not result in any candidates being added in, althougth the it did highlight potential issues with constitutionality of current Va election laws, which will be looked into. Now there is a petition circulating (and legislation in the Va General Assembly submitted by Wagner (R) SB510) to allow write ins.

ATP would like to prevent this type of issue with the 2012 Senatorial race in Virginia. Please help secure ballot access for the grassroots candidates running for Senate, like Jamie Radtke! Jamie Radtke was the founder of the Virginia Tea Party Federation. She will be at the Milano's restaurant in Springfield, Virginia this Thursday evening (January 19th). Her campaign office has requested support in obtaining names and signatures. Please stop by if you are interested in assisting the Radtke campaign with this effort.

When: Thursday January 19th at 7 PM.
Where: Milanos Restaurant 
6230 Rolling Road, Springfield, Va. (this shopping center is on the corner of Rolling Road and Old Keene Mille Road  and is right around the corner from the Springfield Govn't Center).
What:  Jamie Radtke Campaign special organizational session on gathering signatures for ballot access. 
Cost: This will be a order your own/pay for your own event.
RSVP acceptances only to
As you know, Jamie needs to collect 15,000 signatures to get her name on the ballot. We need to start this process in Fairfax now. There are only seven weeks left to collect signatures.
Jamie has a unique program called, "Walk for Liberty." It is a revolutionary process where she has identified registered voters, who she knows are Republicans AND they vote in Republican Primaries.

ATP is happy to forward any request for names and signatures for candidates.

Obamacare Public Awareness Campaign underway by ATP

We have recently started a hard hitting multi pronged strategy to raise public awareness and engagement on the Obamacare legislation, as we get closer to the Supreme Court case date in early spring. One of our strategies is an 'Obamacare newsfeed'.

We strongly encourage you to sign up for these updates, which we are releasing daily Monday through Friday. We are compiling articles on the devastating effects of this nightmarish legislation and sharing them with the public.

We want people to send it to their friends and family, we want to get people angry, scared, motivated. Ultimate goal? To send a message to the Supreme Court Justices, that are potentially swayed by public opinion, on how bad this bill is for our lives, wallets and freedom.

You may email us at and request to sign up for this news alert. If you forward it, people can sign up by clicking the sign up button at the bottom.

We must do what we can to stop this disastrous law, we cannot be complacent.

Thank you

****There is a major rally being planned for D.C. on March 24th to protest Obamacare. Stay tuned for more information!****

The Travel Freedom Act: legislation to share with your state delegates and senators concerning the TSA about searches and scanners. Very interesting. At the time of this email release ATP is not aware of any TSA focused legislation in the Va. Gen'l Assembly.
Please Join Mr. Ken Vaughn, candidate for House of Representatives District 11 (to unseat Democrat Gerry Connelly)  Meet and Greet Friday January 20th

Here is the latest update from Ken, in which he discusses the Keystone Pipeline and the thousands of jobs lost due to the Obama adminstration and Democrats like Connelly who were against it. Please support Ken, who was one of the first tea party leaders to organize in Northern Virginia 3 years ago,  with donations and volunteer for his campaign. We need intelligent, principled, common sense conservatives to save this country!

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