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Paul Revere Action Alert 2012

Dear Patriots:

WE, THE PEOPLE , are called to ACTION to declare our independence from tyranny and to preserve the Constitution of the United States of America.


Operation Paul Revere is our Plan for Action. When you read this newsletter, get your Gadsden flag post cards ready and send them out. Americans, if not now when?.


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Breaking News: Tonight Gaston County Commissioner’s unanimously passed resolution condemning Agenda 21!

by Neal Thomas

This is an email I received from Cheryl Pass with the Gaston Tea Party. This is very good news. Hope we can get our Cleveland County Commissioners to do the same.

Hi all... Here is what I just put up on facebook...
Report from Gaston County Commissioners meeting tonight: Not sure what I was expecting...maybe balloons and champagne flutes for all, choirs and bands, the heavens full of shooting stars. Well, you all know me, I like visual impact and lots of celebrations for good events. Even so, our great commissioners passed, unanimously, the anti-Agenda 21 resolution for Gaston County as part of their consent agenda this evening. There were no dramatics. No arguments against it. The deed is done. The Gaston County Resolution against Agenda 21 is heading to the NC State House for recording.
The Chairman of the Commission told me afterwards that he has heard from several other county commissions in the state who are interested in looking into doing this same thing for their counties. So all in all, a very good, albeit quiet, passing of one very important statement. I want to remind my friends on this issue that this is just one step. The hard work of weeding Sustainable Development and Smart Growth, AKA Agenda 21 out of our lives is just beginning. Don't give up! Cheers to all of you!



 Need your folks to Join Us at Steve Southerlands office on Feb 3rd @ Noon tll 7.  to Protest NDAA





Socialism Alert, Remember names get changed as soon as the old one becomes negative. New names for Socialism:  Collectivism or Communatarianism

Socialism violates private property

Socialism calls for "redistributing the wealth" by taking from the "rich" to give to the poor.

It imposes taxes that punish those who have been able to take greater advantage of their productive talents, capacity to work or thrift.

It uses taxation, grants and subsidies to promote eco­nomic and social egalitarianism, a goal that will be fully achieved, according to The Communist Manifesto, with the "abo­lition of private property.“

Capitalism embraces private property, often leveraging private property as collateral for expansion


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There are 5 Radical Islamic Schools in Florida.  How many in you state?  Texas Education Agency - Donna Garner, AgEnder read more

SEND POSTCARDS to your State Ed Committee legislators  and your Governor's office.

Stop using taxpayer money for Gulen Schools. This petition is a must.  Petition Opposing Shariah Law in American


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The most dangerous communist in America    read
Your challenge:  Find one document in the United Nations that says Freedom
SEND POSTCARDS to your legislators - Get the UN out of the US, get the UN out of the UN
End Political Correctness-Tell the truth, Remember: Not to Speak is to Speak, Not to Act is to Act!

Political Correctness is the death of liberty. Silence is unacceptable, just ask any immigrant.

America is worth saving - SEND POSTCARDS


Can you volunteer to pass out flyers in your neighborhood. Can you hand out 10 a day?  If you can't not to worry, the Obama Team will. The won the election that way. Make a flyer from this email.  Get it out in your neighborhood.  

Send this email out to everyone you know.


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Agenda 21 is the United Nations plan to destroy a free America. All Federal Agencies now answer to the United Nations. Their desire is establish a New World Order with a One World Government controlled by the ELITE from the United Nations.  

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