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Fwd: Tea Party - Shakes, Shapes US Politics

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"It comes down to this: Where do Americans want to be in 2016? Revitalizing the USA or getting rid of another 1 term President? The answer is a Tea Party revolution in 2012, in spite of the influence of some lackluster Republicans." Steve Eichler - Tea Party/

Our future belongs to the BOLD! On the heels of Judi McLeod's column discussing the potential usurpation of our constitutionally protected voting rights by rogue politicians, and after receiving several e-mails from trusted CFP friends, it is readily apparent that bold change is mandatory for us to escape the vortex of the sleazy, D. C. fraud and malfeasance that passes for 'politics as usual.'
Tea Party Must Stop The Obama Regime!
Many of us bemoan the insanity of what occurs daily in D. C., yet aren't we just as guilty as those within both parties who continue to abuse and betray us?
Haven't we allowed ourselves to be used by the 'elitistment' of the 'Demolishcrats' and the 'Repugnicans' for far too long? In reviewing how our Founding Fathers summoned the courage and embraced divine providence to lead a bold minority of upstarts against the most powerful army and navy of the day, maybe it is time for the here-to-for unthinkable action!
We have come to expect the vilest of chicanery of the Demolishcrats, but it is even more troubling that many within the GOP have aligned themselves with the Dems against the rest of us. Equally troubling is that even the good guys and gals within Congress have remained mute on a whole host of critical issues. Is this due to ignorance or pressure from the GOP 'elitistment?' The resentment of the GOP 'elitistment' towards the upstart TEA Party members within the GOP is felt throughout the country.
The resentment is mutual. We resent the fact that we are continually forced to pick between the lesser of two evils between the major political parties in a majority of elections. Our nation has evolved into multiple 'us vs. them' battlefronts, including D. C. vs. the American citizen/taxpayer/voter.
With the beachhead the TEA Party established within both the House and the Senate in 2010, the 2012 election might be the opportune time to break from the clutches of the GOP. In the past, a 3rd Party Presidential candidate ran against the Dems and GOP, without any support of down-line candidates for the House and Senate.
These candidates were men without a party. Times have changed! I realize this is political heresy and will be greeted with catcalls and outrage, but how much longer can we assail the insanity of D. C. and turn the other cheek in the hope that those in Congress, especially within the GOP 'elitistment,' will get the conservative religion? Oops, we can't mix politics with religion!
The TEA Party fails to realize that it is the energy within the GOP. Without the TEA Party, the GOP would not have control of the House, and this nation would be mired even further in the murky quicksand of deception and destruction of the Demolishcrats.
Unfortunately, the arrogance of the GOP 'elitistment' rivals that of their Dem counterparts. I venture to believe that a significant majority of registered Independents are conservatives in search of a party. Please give us a strong reason to turn out en masse on November 6, 2012.
Just as conservative radio and blogs have altered the political landscape akin to the Tohoku earthquake, the TEA Party can be the resulting tsunami, sweeping Demolishcrats from power in 2012.
As a registered Independent and a TEA Party sympathizer, I prefer that the GOP 'elitistment' would embrace the National Party Platform and the TEA Party, forming a united front against the Demolishcrats before they complete their goal of demolishing our sovereign, democratic republic.
Your .99 cents will power the Tea Party making it possible for teams to travel to Washington, meet with high-power decision makers and do that job that millions of Tea Partiers can't do. .99 cents per day!
America Needs The 29.11 program now!
While this is the preferable route, if the GOP refuses to provide what we need in candidates due to lust for power and wealth, it is time to cut the cord! It is the end of the line for the Bilderberger, Agenda 21/ICLEI, anti- Christian, anti-Semite, globalist puppets in American elective office! We need patriotic Americans whose allegiance is to their oaths, our Constitution, our sovereignty, and the American citizen/taxpayer/voter.
I challenge the GOP 'elitistment' to forge an honest coalition with the TEA Party, or for the TEA Party leadership to make a clean break immediately from the GOP to recruit and field candidates from the top ticket on down, for every seat up for election.
Heaven knows we need bold change to create bold change to save us from ourselves. A break, or the threat of a break, may be the miracle we have been seeking. The gauntlet is thrown to the GOP 'elitistment' and the TEA Party to either come together for the common good, or to sever ties so that we have an opportunity to begin Operation Rescue 2012 with the emergence of the TEA Party as a viable, formidable and responsive major player. KEEP READING - TEA PARTY
!cid_29DC968354A448C28E85CEE3D2A93DB9@SteveHPHow is it that we voted people into office regardless of either brand who would knowingly betray our constitution, the people, health and freedom?
The means don't justify the ends - You don't negotiate with wrong and evil. How many times have we heard members of the House and Senate wax philosophical at the Microphone saying you have to give a little to get a little. "We have to allow certain progressive and Obama attachments to get something passed or to a vote. Most feel that even though most of these are wrong for America and can't be paid for, Republicans and Democrats look the other way.
Remember all the Politicians who boldly announced they hadn't even read the Health care bill? "Who has time to read several thousand pages?" I asked then on my show and to everyone I knew, "how is it not against the law for congress to vote something into law and not even read it? Under this view of law making, any absurd law could be voted into existence to oppress and control the people and members of the House and Senate wouldn't even know how it happened. Heck, they could blame it on a nasty intern or something. Maybe they could all blame Bush some more.
Our country has been dying a cruel death because of ongoing schemes , sell outs and betrayals by our political leaders. Doing business with the devil and against freedom and Americans seem to be 'business as usual' these days. I've had just about enough of it.
A classic example of this bold betrayal and 'means justify the ends madness' is the passing of Obama care. All who voted for this knew it forced America to buy Government approved Health insurance or be threatened and fined by this regime. They also knew it forced end of life 'counseling' on our seniors, manipulating them to eventually give up and just die. They also knew our seniors would face rationed care and longer lines. If they needed a procedure that would be paid for on time they could always use assisted suicide. This same group of traitors who voted this into existence knew it forced us all to pay for abortions and ordered certain, Government approved salaries for Doctors. Finally, this nightmare of a Health care bill was laden with hidden and not so hidden taxes everywhere you looked.
How is it that we voted people into office regardless of either brand who would knowingly betray our constitution, the people, health and freedom? To date now we have had several Judges rule against this health care bill saying it is totally unconstitutional. Apparently, most our elected officials are more interested in their careers, boxes of convenience and power. Is there any left in America who, regardless of what is, what has been and what is typical will stand for what is right and then do what is right even if they are alone and unpopular? There are some who will but precious few....KEEP READING - TEA PARTY
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It is your turn to save America. The Tea Party needs your help.  Give today, because tomorrow may be the day after we lost America.
Support the continued work of the Tea Party on behalf of our beloved nation.

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