Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fwd: update UN21 - Matthews

From: Mary Leedom
Date: Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 10:09 AM
Subject: update UN21 - Matthews

From: Trish Stall
All UN AG21 !!!!
Have you seen the Human Settlement Map?????
Please send the attached flier and letter to your list and encourage attendance at our next  Concerned Citizens of the Middle Peninsula, Mon.,Oct. 24, 7:00pm featuring Donna Holt, President of Virginia Campaign for Liberty. She will reveal how the Mathews Comp Plan contains many of the same policy recommendations in Agenda 21 to be implemented through regulation and local ordinances. Local property rights violations will be discussed. A willingness to learn is all that is needed to attend.

I hope we exceed expectations once again as with the Dr.Coffman event with over 250 attendees. Our presentations and Sustainable Development information packets, provided to the MPPDC members on Sept. 28, will serve the commissioners and citizens very well as we educate others about the origin, history and goals of UN AG21 initiatives.   Henry Lamb's  "Sustainable Development or Sustainable Freedom?" booklet, included in the packets to each commissioner, is an invaluable resource for understanding Comp Planning/Sustainable Development/UN AG21/UDA/Livable Communities/going Green, among many other buzzwords.  
The commissioners now know much of the contents of the booklet, regarding UN AG21,  as a result of the presentations, and must be held accountable for upholding the oath of office as an elected local public servant. Mr. Lynch, a citizen representative from Gloucester and affiliated with VIMS, called our presentation "crap" and should willingly or by request of Chairman L. Theberge,  step down from serving as a commissioner as he is not representing the citizens of Gloucester with such an unprofessional, rude and uninformed comment. Recall the "kooks" email from  MPPDC Business Development staff member, Candice Newman? Differing views should be welcomed with such outstanding research and documentation for over 20 years.
Thank you for your support and attendance Oct. 24.
Note  AG21 expert, Tom DeWeese's  following letter, and demand VA's legislature create an anti-AG21 Caucus, like Washington state! "In the Washington state legislature, Rep. Matt Shay reports the creation of an anti-Agenda 21 Caucus".

 First order of business- ask localities to terminate the expensive tax supported membership with the regional governments, VA's 22 Planning District Commissions and ask the state to stop funding this government tyranny allowing government confiscation of property and individual rights!

Tricia Stall
CC of Mid Peninsula

Mary Leedom

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