Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Victory against UN AG21! Regional Water Supply Plan

Dear Ones,
This is an outstanding victory and  accomplishment against a  UN AG21 initiative of the MPPDC in Middlesex County. This important victory serves as a notice to the MPPDC and BOSs from the six counties and three towns making up the Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission, that as individual  local communities, we do not accept or desire their costly involvement in planning our lives!
Congratulations to Trudy and Tom for shedding light (truth) on darkness.  Why does Hampton Roads Sanitation- a gov't entity , formerly NN Waterworks, want to control the water supply to the entire Middle Peninsula and get rid of our wells and septic systems?  Remember the expensive battle we had fighting against them taking over the water supply by way of the King William Reservoir? Who is providing the data regarding "failing systems" and  aquifer water depletion? Please call 804-786-2211 TODAY & tell our Governor  NOT sign the VA Dept. of Health's regulations pushing UN AG21 initiatives regarding  our septic systems.
The proposed regulations would have a crippling impact on the building industry, on property values, resale value and on tax revenue. For more information call Alan Farmer at 804-815-8850 or go to
Keep up the great work and I hope to see you Monday, Oct. 24, 7:00 pm for our event with Donna Holt at Cornerstone. She will reveal the link between several Comp Plans, including Mathews' Plan, and UN AG21.
For Liberty,

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Tea Party = 1, Middlesex Board of Supervisors = 0
At last night's Board of Supervisors meeting the vote was unanimous to delay until November 1 taking action on a resolution to approve/disapprove the Regional Water Supply Plan. 
The proposed Water Conservation ordinance went down in flames--it was very poorly written (came verbatim from the Middle-Peninsula Planning Commission).  A revised ordinance will be given at the November 1 meeting. 
I am attaching copies of my testimony on the Plan and the ordinance.   I'm also attaching my husband's testimony on the Plan. 
It was obvious most (if not all!) of the supervisors had not read the Water Supply Plan.  Nor were they aware of what the ordinance was about.  Even Carlton Revere was surprised and expressed his disfavor with making law enforcement personnel "water leak police".  Attorney Soberick actually suggested to the supervisors that they didn't have to approve the Plan because it didn't appear to him to be mandated that all the counties and localities within the Planning District had to adopt it.  Clara Meier, a planner with the MPPDC who gave a brief overview of the Plan and discussed the ordinance with the supervisors, politely disagreed (well, actually I'm not sure she knew whether by not adopting the Plan it would place Middlesex County in an unlawful or untenable position...I felt she was telling the supervisors more than she actually knew).
Next step:  The Board of Supervisors agreed last night to accept WRITTEN comments about the Regional Water Supply Plan prior to their Nov. 1 meeting.  Acting Chairman Wayne Jessie said Public Hearing on the Plan was over.  I can't imagine there won't be a Public Hearing on the revised ordinance, however.  I believe that is required by law.  If you are willing, you can write to each supervisor with your concerns and/or send a Letter to the Editor of the Sentinel.  Continued concerns:
1)  It is unacceptable the Supervisors have not read this Plan.  Hold their feet to the fire on this one.  Remember Pelosi's "We have to pass this health care plan to know what's in it."
2)  Provide as much factual information to the Supervisors as possible.  Tell them how this Plan will directly affect you and your neighbors.  Business owners, including restaurants, have no idea how they will be regulated with adoption of this Plan.  Talk to them!  This needs to be brought out!
3)  Doubt can be cast on the accuracy of the data in the Plan.  Tom and I opened the door to this last night and it can be expanded.  For example, a man who lives at Locust Hill told me afterward last night that his private well is 500 feet deep and by his measurements the groundwater level has gone down 1.5 feet in the last three years.  This would be worth exploring since the environmental consulting firm that wrote this Plan stressed throughout the Plan that Middlesex's groundwater was consistent and sufficient.  Obviously, discovering the county's groundwater is not in as good a condition as was touted would be bad news for it would definitely open us to immediate demand control methods.  But,
adding this error to what's already been found would cast extreme doubt on the verity of the entire written Plan.
4)  Middlesex County should stand alone on a Water Supply Plan, in my opinion.  It should not be lumped in with the Planning District; there are too many variances; e.g., agricultural, industrial, residential, seasonal residential, etc.  Our county Board of Supervisors should be the ones making the decisions about what's happening in this county--not the Middle Peninsual Planning District Commission, the EPA or the United Nations!
5) From what I read in the Plan each County contributed upwards of $6,000 each to the Middle Peninsula Planning District to have this Plan prepared.  Did this environmental consulting firm which the MPPDC hired use a computer model to write this Plan?  It's an expensive way to find out how the government plans to control rural water.
Please, please give me your thoughts.  My intention is to write each supervisor, using my testimony and verifying it by giving page number and line where I read the information in the Plan. If you can't download the Plan and ordinance from the Middlesex County homepage, give Betty Muncie a call at the courthouse and ask for a hard copy.  This will let the Supervisors know there is interest in how our county is regulated. 
Thanks for your continued support and good work!
Trudy Feigum

Tricia Stall
Distinction between conservation and environmentalism: The first means taking care to use natural resources without ruining them for the next person. The second says that mankind has no rights and suggests that any use of any natural resource causes damage. We must STOP AGENDA 21!

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