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Tea Party Newsletter: Obama Coup

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Obama Minions are Massing for a Coup

OWS Calls for "Global Governance"

Prior to the worldwide OWS-inspired protests on October 15, a group of prominent leftists "issued a manifesto that includes a strong call for global democracy and, in particular, democratic rule over the international financial system," reports UNPA Campaign.

Noam Chomsky and other leftists are calling for "global democracy."

UNPA is short for the Establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, "a global network of parliamentarians and non-governmental organizations advocating citizen's representation at the United Nations," according to their website.




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UNPA is likely a project launched indirectly by the CIA and the folks who brought the world numerous color revolutions resulting in military dictatorship (as it did in Egypt) and "humanitarian" bloodbaths (like NATO's operation in Libya).

While primary contributions to UNPA's work come from campaign participants, the organization also receives money from the Ford Foundation.

Since the 1950s, the Ford Foundation has worked closely with the CIA to fund and control leftist cultural and political activities.

"The CIA uses philanthropic foundations as the most effective conduit to channel large sums of money to Agency projects without alerting the recipients to their source. From the early 1950s to the present the CIA's intrusion into the foundation field was and is huge," writes James Petras.

Ana Sofia Suarez and Shimri Zameret, writing for The Guardian on October 14, characterized the UNPA supported manifesto as "a vision for a new global governance" and "a movement for global democracy."

Instead of calling for abolishing globalist networks such as the IMF, the WTO, multinational banks, the G8/G20, the European Central Bank and the UN security council, the manifesto calls for "democratizing" them.

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"Undemocratic international institutions are our global Mubarak, our global Assad, our global Gaddafi," the document declares. "Like Mubarak and Assad, these institutions must not be allowed to run people's lives without their consent. We are all born equal, rich or poor, woman or man. Every African and Asian is equal to every European and American. Our global institutions must reflect this, or be overturned."

Supporters of the text, including Naomi Klein, Vandana Shiva, Michael Hardt, Noam Chomsky, and Eduardo Galeano, say "our global institutions" must be democratized or overturned. They accept that "more than ever before, global forces shape people's lives" and "citizens of the world must get control over the decisions that influence them in all levels - from global to local. That is global democracy. That is what we demand today."

It should be noted that the manifesto was not produced by the Ford Foundation funded UNPA and the CIA, but its enthusiastic reception by the organization is highly suspicious.

As the video below demonstrates, the call for "global democracy" – a term now interchangeable with "global governance" - was accepted by at least some of the OWS people in Los Angeles.

OWS supporters in the United States should not be calling for "global democracy" – in other words, surrendering national sovereignty for globalist micromanaged mob rule – but should be calling instead for the end of the Federal Reserve, a return to honest money not controlled by the global elite and the international bankers, and the reinstitution of a constitutionally limited republic as originally envisioned by the founders.

If the larger OWS accepts "global federalism" it will be accepting the agenda outlined by the very global elite responsible for the Federal Reserve, the IMF, the WTO, global markets, multinational banks, the G8/G20, the European Central Bank and the UN security council criticized in the manifesto published in the establishment newspaper, The Guardian.

The OWS represents both a threat and opportunity for the globalists. It is imperative that they compromise the movement and sell it on a bait-and-switch version of global totalitarianism masquerading as change – the same brand offered by the Goldman Sachs crony Obama – under the guise of "democracy......." KEEP READING - TEA PARTY

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These protestors yell

Why are these people protesting? I hear some of them saying "If we didn't have money we wouldn't have any problems"... These are the people Nancy Pelosi is backing? Then you have others being paid by labor union bosses. Is this what it's come down to? If liberals can't get enough mindless supporters they have to pay people who don't even know English to hold their signs up.

"Down with capitalism!." If not capitalism then what? Communism? No thanks, I'll pass and keep my hard earned money. I doubt any of these people even know what capitalism is. It's troublesome to see so many people who don't know basic economics. Quit being so damn envious of the wealthy and learn from them. We're lucky to have wealthy people in this country because they pay 90% of the taxes. The freedom that creates the desperation is what creates wealth. The alternative is EVERYBODY IS POOR TOGETHER! You aren't entitled to someone else's money because they have more than you do. My neighbor has a nice Porsche, it's a nice car and I'm a little envious, does that mean I have the right to steal his car?

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If everyone just got what they wanted we'd have nothing! There would be no internet, TV, restaurants, movies... All these things came about from innovation. And innovation will cease to exist if you take away the incentive to work hard. Only a small percentage of wealthy folks inherit their wealth, most of them worked their asses off for it. It's either your desperation will push you to work harder so you can get what you want out of life, or you can be bitter and lazy and be mad at life until you die. The age old process of working hard for what you want is crucial for our nation's solvency. Capitalism is what took us to the top. The government cannot take care of people because the government itself has no money. They get their spending money from our paychecks. Most of us are paying towards social security knowing we are never going to see those checks returned.

How do they justify handing over more power to a government that can't even keep a ledger and function within it's means? Would you hire a drunk homeless guy to do your finances? These protestors yell "Tax the rich!" As they text and chat on their iPhones and BlackBerry...HYPOCRITES!




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