Sunday, January 27, 2013

You are invited to attend the Hampton Roads...

UN AG21 symposium!!! Please attend! And protest!

Lynne Uher posted in Hampton Roads Tea Party
You are invited to attend the Hampton Roads...
Lynne Uher 1:55pm Jan 27
You are invited to attend the Hampton Roads Energy Forum,
to be held on February 2, 2013, from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM,
Norfolk International Airport's Public Conference Center
please register here. (

The Energy Forum's purpose is to educate citizens about United States'
energy policy, regulation, economics, and infrastructure so that they are
better equipped to understand and evaluate proposed energy and environmental
policies and legislation. Specifically, the forum will address emerging
Virginia energy / environmental issues including the need for additional generation
capacity, offshore wind projects, SMART metering, and similar topics.
The forum will be divided into three segments.
Overview: Energy Sources, Infrastructure, Demand, and Supply
Generation: Regulation, Economics, and Environmental Impact
Virginia Specific Issues: Uranium Mining, Wind Farms, Smart Metering

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Tricia Stall
Distinction between conservation and environmentalism: The first means taking care to use natural resources without ruining them for the next person. The second says that mankind has no rights and suggests that any use of any natural resource causes damage. We must STOP AGENDA 21!

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