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[Peninsula-Patriots] Action Needed Now to Contact Legislators

I received this from a leader in the Middlesex Tea Party. The Law of the Sea Treaty is something we cannot ignore. We must let our legislators know that we are watching to see how they vote on this treaty. It along with UN Agenda 21 is leading us on a path to world government which will destroy the sovereignty of America. I am sending a sample of a letter I wrote. Please feel free to use it if you wish. Whatever you do, please help preserve the country we love. Read the email from my friend in the Middlesex Tea Party below the letter I wrote.

 Senator ______________

I encourage you to vote NO when the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) comes to the floor of the Senate for ratification . Though this treaty has been around for decades and was signed by the United States in 1993 it has thankfully never been ratified by the United States. Previous presidents and legislators have seen it as a threat to our sovereignty for the following reasons.

a. Activist behind it are also instrumental in promoting the International Court (ICC) which among other things could prosecute American troops and civilians on dubious war crimes.

b. Both the ICC and LOST are both important steps on the road to world government. Giving more power, authority and functions to the United Nations would gradually erode national sovereignty until it no longer exist.

c. The treaty would provide self sustaining revenue by requiring that any mining of the seabeds beyond national waters would require payment of royalties to LOS. That would allow the UN to be independent of voluntary contributions by member nations. This would permit it to govern as it determines ie. World Government.

d. LOST would create an international governing institution with control over 70% of the world's surface and would serve to bring nation states like ours to submission and redistribute the world's wealth and technology from the developed world to the developing world much like Cap & Trade would.
e. LOST would help radical environmentalist achieve what they haven't been able to achieve through legislation. It requires countries to adopt regulations and laws to control pollution of the marine environment. Since pollutants are not defined it could be anything they determine it to be.

In conclusion, LOST is a terrible deal for the United States. It would threaten our sovereignty, place significant portion of the world's resources under the control of the United Nations and complicate our efforts to apprehend terrorists on the high seas by subjecting our actions to review by an international court unlikely to render decisions favorable to the U.S.. If ratified by the Senate it will amount to the rape of America.


DeWitt Edwards


DeWitt Edwards 
"The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves." ~ George Washington"
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Subject: Action Needed Now to Contact Legislators

The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) will soon come before the United States Senate for a vote.  I've been sending you information as I receive it about this treaty.  If you need a refresher, read about it at Center for Security Policy (use your search engine).  If this treaty is passed, it will cost United States taxpayers billions of dollars to be paid in royalties to the treaty-specified Jamaican Court for off-shore drilling, mining, and technical rights.  Of course, no one knows where this money will ultimately end up, but you can be sure it won't be for this country's benefit.
The United States Constitution, Article VI, is very clear that a signed treaty becomes the Supreme Law of the Land.  That means it must be enforced in United States' courts and all states must abide by it.  We are the only country in the world that has such a provision in our Constitution.  Once signed, it isn't difficult to see how LOST will bring foreign law into our courts and there will be nothing we can do about it.
It's my understanding that eight (8) more votes are needed in the Senate to defeat this treaty; there currently are 28 "No" votes. Virginia has two Democrat Senators who are indicating they will vote in favor of the treaty.
It's time to have our state elected officials bring pressure.  Please contact Keith Hodges (keithhodges98@gmail.com) and Ryan McDougle (district104@senate.virginia.gov or senator@ryanmcdougle.com) AND Governor McDonnell (adam.zubowsky@governor.virginia.gov). Ask them to contact Senators Warner and Webb to oppose this treaty.
Remember:  Sending a hand-written letter to your elected official is considered by them to represent 20 voters.  
As a final thought, LOST is one of six (6) treaties President Obama is pushing through before the election in November.  We'll do our best to stay on top of them and get word to you asap as action is needed. As always, information you gather will help all of us--please send it to me and I'll forward it to everyone.
Thanks for your help to save our freedom and sovereignty!

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