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Dear Patriotic Friends:

When I ran for the U.S. Senate in Virginia, I argued with every fiber of my being that this administration is trying to "fundamentally transform" America into something our Founders did not intend, our Constitution does not allow, the American people will never accept and God will never approve. We must have leaders who are citizen statesmen rather than career politicians. We need people who are not driven by personal ambition, but willing to make any personal sacrifice to see to it that our country is rescued from the evil clutches of those who want to take us down the path to socialist bondage and moral chaos. Many begged me not to quit but to keep speaking out, no matter what. I don't intend to.

On this very day the Supreme Court made one of the most devastating and obviously Unconstitutional decisions in history. I liken it to Roe v. Wade because it allows the unprecedented funding of abortion with federal tax dollars. I also liken it to the Dred Scott decision because it denies our freedom and humanity. The Court admitted that the exercise of the Commerce Clause to impose a healthcare mandate is a bridge too far for Constitutional reach. Justice Roberts then in the very next breath gives the administration authority to impose the mandate as a tax, an approach Obama has vehemently denied all along.

We have been repeatedly lied to in order to further a far left political agenda. Our Constitution is being disregarded. Our values are being denigrated. Our economy is being decimated. Our treasury is being raided. Our currency is being devalued. We are denied access to our natural energy resources. Our sovereignty is being surrendered to the United Nations. Our allies are insulted and abandoned and our enemies are emboldened, encouraged and funded. We are being divided and manipulated by race, gender, income and even business versus government.

This is the first administration in history to systematically ignore the Constitution whenever it gets in the way and refuse to enforce any law they do not like. We have been inundated with unconstitutional executive edicts, and unconfirmed czars have been given immense power over our lives.

Our military budget is being treated in a most dangerous fashion, while for the first time in our history, we hold gay pride celebrations in the Defense Department and the White House. I am sure you have seen the pictures of homosexual couples kissing in the White House under pictures of our Founding Fathers. This is arrogance at its most perverse and nauseating.

Until we have leaders who believe in our country, our values, our free enterprise economy and our way of life, the emergency will continue and the crisis will deepen.

In light of the Supreme Court's ruling on the Affordable Care Act, the situation has just grown much worse. This has been rammed down our throats, but still nearly 40% of the American people think it is a good thing. They do not realize that healthcare costs for most Americans are going up; the quality is going down; the Independent Payment Advisory Board (DEATH PANEL) will be determining who lives and who dies among the elderly and chronically ill; the shortage of Primary care Physicians will worsen; waiting lines will lengthen and more Americans will suffer and die.

This has been tried in Great Britain. According to Professor Patrick Pullicino, The Liverpool Care Pathway [LCP], a method of looking after terminally ill patients in hospitals in England, has turned into a "death pathway" of euthanasia of the elderly. It can include withdrawal of treatment, water and nourishment. On average a patient turned over to LCP dies in 33 hours. No doubt leftists in America find this very efficient and cost effective. There are around 130,000 deaths of patients who were on the LCP, about 29% of all patients committed to British hospitals. That is a staggering number. Professor Pullicino claims that elderly patients who could live longer are put on an "assisted death pathway rather than a care pathway."

Is that what we have to look forward to in America? If Obamacare is allowed to run its course, that is exactly what it will give us. We cannot let that happen. Add to the medical nightmare that the IRS will now be combing through our tax returns and private lives to force us to comply with the law.

Our country needs us to STAND together to fight for our freedom. Thank you for being willing to join the battle. God bless you, and may He always bless the United States of America.

For God & Country,

E.W. Jackson Sr.

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