Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MSNBC smears Romney with shameful edit

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June 19, 2012
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NBC selectively edits Mitt Romney tape
Remember when Juan Williams was touting about being a "real reporter" last week launching into a lecture about how real journalists talk to officials and make sure to get stories in context. NBC must not have gotten Juan's memo about what "real reporting" looks like, because for at least the second time this year they've been caught selectively editing videos to smear those that aren't in lock step with their agenda. Glenn reacts on radio.

Beck staffer unknowingly washes away history - fishbowl
Actually it was a well intentioned move by an overachieving night cleaner at the Mercury Radio Arts studios in Dallas, TX. The unnamed cleaner spotted a dirty fishbowl on Glenn's desk and thought, hey, I'll clean that right up for the boss. Normally a good idea - except when the dirty fishbowl is a one-of-a-kind historical artifact signed by one of the most famous people in all of history. Find out who and get Glenn's surprising reaction HERE.

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Chris Matthews inducted into The 4th Hour's 'Douche Hall of Fame'
Chris Matthews says a lot of stupid things, probably more so than any other cable news personality in the history of cable news. And that's saying something. But yesterday, Matthews took it to a whole new level, and that earned him a chance at 4th Hour history. Would he be voted into the least flattering Hall of Fame ever? See what Matthews said and the voting results on The 4th Hour!

Beck, Kibbe react to idiotic point by Chris Matthews
Glenn talked with Matt Kibbe, libertarian and author of Hostile Takeover:  Resisting Centralized Government's Stranglehold on America, on radio today about remarks from Chris Matthews. The MSNBC host unleashed on Romney in such an incoherent way that all 6 viewers of his program are now questioning his sobriety. WATCH

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Last night on GBTV: Glenn discussed the voting results in Greece to stay in the European Union. While this vote buys some extra time, it's important to use this extra time wisely. Make sure to watch Glenn weeknights at 5pm ET (or on demand) on GBTV.com.

Left accuses NYC school principal of hate
New York City just can't stay out of the headlines. A Queens fifth grader made news last week after he was prohibited from giving a speech on same-sex marriage to an assembly of first graders. The school principal has come under fire from many on the left for being a hatemonger. But is it hate or common sense?

200-Year-Old Secret Breaks Every Conceivable Rule
Over 200 YEARS AGO our Founding Fathers drafted an ingenious plan for Americans to use as a last resort. Wall Street Daily just released a new report which details our Forefathers' EMERGENCY "call to action." WATCH HERE
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Who will take on the media?
After seeing the latest attempt to smear Mitt Romney from MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell with her "strategic" video editing, it's no surprise that the mainstream media pulled off the big win over Barack Obama in yesterday's Final Four matchup in our 100 Years of Cowards Tournament. You have to be a pretty big coward to be so afraid of the truth that you lie to your entire audience. Today's final four matchup is between two underdogs: from the 'Death & Destruction' region, #4 seed Planned Parenthood takes on #4 seed the United Nations from the 'Spineless Weasels' region. Who will take on the Media in the finals? Vote now!

Yesterday on Real News, the panel recapped the results of the Egyptian presidential runoff election and the 11th hour military dictatorship. WATCH

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