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Go to Religious Freedom Rally This Friday
Contact Warner & Webb on Law of the Sea Treaty
Sign Petition re GOP Convention vs. Primary Vote


Go to Religious Freedom Rally This Friday

Stand Up for Religious Freedom rallies to protest the HHS anti-conscience mandate will be held THIS FRIDAY June 8th in 156 cities in 49 states.  Most rallies are at noon local time. The rally in Washington, D.C. will be in Upper Senate Park, just west of the Russell Senate Office Building. Alexandria Tea Party will be there.  Details on all the rallies at -


Contact Warner & Webb on Law of the Sea Treaty

Sen. Mark Warner  202-224-2023
Sen. Jim Webb  202-224-4024.
Just say this is for their tally on the Law of the Sea Treaty and you urge them to vote it down.

From Heritage Action -

New Push for Old, Dangerous Treaty

The Obama Administration is pushing for the ratification of another dangerous treaty. Known as the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), this United Nations treaty threatens American sovereignty by creating a new international organization to administer 70 percent of the earth's surface.

We don't need another unaccountable international agency, which is why the Senate has refused to ratify LOST for three decades. But now, led by President Obama, liberals and radical environmentalists are beginning a new push for ratification.

Under Article 82, the Jamaica-based International Seabed Authority will seize royalties from offshore oil drilling and distribute them to developing nations - even some that may sponsor terrorism. Beyond that, the treaty would require the U.S. to engage in mandatory dispute resolution, which could lead to a U.N.-imposed cap-and-trade style regime.

The House of Representatives has already sent a clear message: the Senate should reject LOST, and if they do not, conservatives in the House will make sure this dangerous treaty cannot be implemented. Undeterred, Senator John Kerry (D-MA) is planning to ratify this fatally flawed treaty during Lame Duck.

Get the facts now, so that you can stop the liberal push to ratify this dangerous treaty. Thanks for your support in keeping America free.

Michael A. Needham
Chief Executive Officer
Heritage Action for America


Sign Petition re GOP Convention vs. Primary Vote

From a Tea Party activist in Virginia -

For the last two election cycles, The Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) has voted to select our candidates through a Primary system, not a Convention. In fact, before the 2011 election, RPV voted to hold primaries for the 2013 selection process. Never before in the history of our Commonwealth has that decision been made that early. Many believe that effort was strategically done to shut out the newly engaged grassroots activists, who were still focused on the 2011 elections and not forward thinking enough to be watching the strategies for 2013 that were being played out.

On June 15th, The Central Committee of Virginia will reconsider the vote they took in October about whether our 2013 nomination process should be a Convention or a Primary. I am asking you to sign a petition which will go to The Central Committee of The Republican Party of Virginia, asking them to vote for Conventions.

Here is the link for the statewide Petition - for the entire state of Virginia. Please sign today. This will go directly to Pat Mullins, Chairman of The Republican Party of Virginia-

If you live in the 7th Congressional District, and are Represented by Eric Cantor I ask you to also sign this petition. -

Thank you for your time and serious consideration in this very important matter.

Scott Cooper

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