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Regionalism, HB2313 "transportation"

From a dear and longtime friend who has been fighting Regionalism with me for 12 years.  Thanks to Reid for this information .HB2313, the "transportation bill"  IS REGIONALISM and THE greatest expansion of Sustainable Development/UN AG21 in our state's history!
"Your children's children will live under Communism. You Americans are so gullible. No you won't accept Communism outright; but we'll keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you will finally wake up and find that you already have Communism. We won't have to fight you, we'll so weaken your economy until you fall like ripe fruit into our hands." -–Nikita Khrushchev, 1959

Reid Greenmun posted in Hampton Roads Tea Party
HB 2313 is a mess. It fails to identify ANY...
Reid Greenmun 2:46pm Mar 17
HB 2313 is a mess. It fails to identify ANY required ROAD improvements, raises our taxes and fees, fails to provide any form of a lock box for the TTF/tax funds, results in automatic tax hikes in the future, and specifies a whole bunch of new imprudent spending on junk we do not need – junk like dumb taxpayer-subsidized passenger rail boondoggles. Welcome to Light Rail taxes folks. HRT is smiling all the way to the bank.

But, by far, the WORSE aspect of this horrendously Bad Bill is the Bad Governing it supports <strong>the bill funds all-appointed, unaccountable REGIONAL decision-making by a corrupted body with a proven track record of abysmal failure, bad decisions, producing outright propaganda, and arrogant distain for citizen involvement and taxpayer inequity.</strong> The price of good roads does not require we accept BAD Government!

The unholy corrupt combination of the state's CTB and our own TPO designated with the responsibility for deciding HOW our transportation taxes will be spent is one more step in a steady death mach towards the total emasculation of Tidewater's electorate (voters).

Who is pushing this agenda?

The self-serving charlatans of our region's Chamber of Corruption and the deranged "Future Hampton Roads" sycophants. Their own propaganda department – our local media machinery, joins them and the local centers of higher education – the taxpayer subsidized centers of higher education. It is a symbiotic relationship whereby the universities and collages scratch the business lobby's back and the business lobby supports tax hikes needed to fund the payroll required to support the non-productive world of academia.

Who will pay for this agenda?

Ultimately it is the productive Class. The Freeloader Class is granted immunity in return for their political support.

Of course Governor McDonnell should veto this horrific mess.

What he does WILL define him.

Does he do the right thing and oppose this cobble together disaster, or does he carry the water for the business lobby?

We shall soon see.

What our Republican Governor does will reveal a great deal about the state of the GOP in Virginia. Will our Governor go along with the wishes of the progressive Pilot Editorial Board?
Sign the bill; build the roads | |
The compromise bill that would inject billions of dollars into the commonwealth's transportation acc...

Tricia Stall
Distinction between conservation and environmentalism: The first means taking care to use natural resources without ruining them for the next person. The second says that mankind has no rights and suggests that any use of any natural resource causes damage. We must STOP AGENDA 21!

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