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[Peninsula-Patriots] Update on the Constitutional Convention efforts

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—  JBS Weekly Member Update  —
March 18, 2013
Update on the Con-Con Calls
The organization behind the push to convince states to call for a constitutional convention (con-con), in hopes of getting a balanced budget amendment adopted, is falling further and further behind schedule.
Compact for America--The Compact for America initiative has plans to have 38 states call for a con-con to adopt a balanced budget amendment on July 4, 2013.
Because of the great efforts of you and other members and supporters, the majority of their efforts have been defeated at the state level. Most of their efforts were stopped while proposed bills were still in committee. Only a dozen or so states have introduced bills. Be sure to visit with your legislators to stop these calls: Georgia, South Dakota, Idaho and others.
Reports from our National Visit Your State Legislator Day held last month indicate that many legislators had not heard of the initiative and were dead set against it.
Those contributing to the initiative's self-proclaimed $28 million+ budget must be asking themselves about results or lack thereof.
The JBS Stance on Con-Con--The John Birch Society remains against calling for a con-con, mainly because if a convention is called there is historical precedent that it cannot be controlled, with the potential end result of a complete rewriting of the Constitution. Would you trust anyone in today's government to rewrite the Constitution?
Congress has the authority to balance the budget now. It isn't the Constitution that needs to be changed; it's the attitude of today's politicians.
Balancing Budget Before 1913--Do you know how Congress used to balance the budget prior to the 17th Amendment (direct election of US Senators)?
The U.S. House of Representatives would offer a budget that best represented the interests of their constituents. Unfortunately, they were not immune to pork-laden bills. However, the U.S. Senate, whose job it was to best represent the states (they were appointed by the states to do as such), would get a hold of the proposed budget and hack out the majority of the pork. Why? Because any spending that was above the generated revenue had to be paid off by the state legislatures, which were sent bills with the proportioned amount owed. State legislators, looking out for the best interests of their constituents, did not want to pass along the federal government spending burden to voters, so they made sure that those they appointed to the U.S. Senate had the states' interests in mind.
With the ratification of the 17th Amendment, the balance of the state and federal government was thrown off. U.S. Senators no longer had the states' interests in mind, rather the constituents who elected them, allowing pork-filled bills through. And with the introduction of the Federal Reserve, the temptation for deficit spending grew too great as debt accumulated and continues to pile up.
Just a Heads Up ...
Immigration: Meetings were held last week to discuss the number of guest workers allowed in the U.S. Pro-business groups put forth the number of about 400,000 as the AFL/CIO offered a much lower number at 10,000. We're watching any upcoming legislation on this as it may be a backdoor to amnesty. Choose Freedom, Stop Illegal Immigration!
Trade Promotion Authority: Congress has vowed to work toward accomplishing free trade agreements this calendar year. We're watching this closely as free trade is anything but free or trade. It is closely regulated through mutual tribunals that have trumped U.S. law in the past. Choose Freedom, Stop the North American Union!
Wealth Confiscation: True, the April 15 tax deadline is around the corner; however, this deals with what is happening in the country of Cyprus. Bank holidays have been declared through Thursday of this week as citizens drained many ATMs over the last weekend. They did this when learning that their government was discussing "taxing" the money held in private bank accounts. Yet, this tax would be electronically confiscated. The New American covers this.
Think it can't happen here? Did you know that gold was confiscated from citizens no fewer than 4 times in U.S. history (once in the Confederacy, twice by the Continental Congress, and once by President Franklin Roosevelt)? Choose Freedom, Restore Constitutional Money!
What other organization offers so much to do in way of restoring limited government under the Constitution, as well as having local contacts and a consistent plan for success? Join The John Birch Society today!
Larry Pratt and Arthur Thompson Headline Ohio Council Dinner
Mark your calendar and plan now to attend the next JBS Council Dinner, Saturday, May 4, in Columbus-Dublin, Ohio.
Seminars, lunch and the evening Council Dinner program tickets are available together for purchase. Or just attend the Council Dinner.
Here's the line-up:
--Con-Con Ploys by Scott Bradley
--Crazy In College: How FreedomProject Education Strengthens Students for the Chaos of University Life by Dr. Duke Pesta
--Protecting Your Rights: The Struggle Against Federal Encroachment by Ohio State Senator Kris Jordan
--Discovering the Reach of the CFR by JBS President John McManus
Council Dinner Program:
--Defending and Preserving the Second Amendment by Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt
--The JBS: Making a Difference by JBS CEO Arthur R. Thompson.
We hope to see you there!
March 20: 7:00 PM. Exposing Agenda 21, Laconia, NH, with JBS RFD Hal Shurtleff.
March 21: 7:00 PM. The UN Deception Video Presentation, Union, NJ.
March 21: 7:00 PM. The UN Deception Video Presentation, New Brunswick, NJ.
March 21: 6:00 PM. Regulation Overload (Agenda 21), Peoria, IL, with The New American Senior Editor William Jasper.
March 26: 7:00 PM. NAFTA & NAU Revisited, Manchester, NJ.
March 26: 7:00 PM. Nullification Presentation, Pitman, NJ.
April 2: 7:00 PM. Fighting Agenda 21 in Your Community Workshop, Dedham, MA, with JBS RFD Hal Shurtleff.
April 2: 7:00 PM. General Meeting of the RVC TEA Party Patriots, Rockville Centre, NY, with JBS Coordinator Kip Webster.
April 5: 7:00 PM. Agenda 21 Seminar & Workshop, Riverhead, NY, with JBS RFD Hal Shurtleff.
April 8: 7:00 PM. Fighting Agenda 21 Workshop, Nashua, NH, with JBS RFD Hal Shurtleff.
April 8: 7:00 PM. The Danger of a Constitutional Convention, Cinnaminson, NJ.
April 18: 7:00 PM. Agenda 21: How Will it Affect You? Presentation, North Brunswick, NJ.
April 22: 7:30 PM. Get US Out of the UN, Colonie, NY, with JBS President John McManus.
April 23: 7:30 PM. Get US Out of the UN, Bayside, NY, with JBS President John McManus.
April 24: 7:30 PM. Get US Out of the UN, Runnemede, NJ, with JBS President John McManus.
April 25: 7:30 PM. Get US Out of the UN, Riverdale, NJ, with JBS President John McManus.
April 29: 7:30 PM. Get US Out of the UN, East Brunswick, NJ, with JBS President John McManus.
May 4: 11:00 AM. The JBS Council Dinner, Dublin, OH.
Phone: (800) JBS-USA1
The John Birch Society is  a proud member organization of Character First, dedicated to helping people see the value of good they can build better workplaces and communities.
The John Birch Society is dedicated to bringing about less government, more responsibility, and — with God's help — a better world by providing leadership, education, and organized volunteer action in accordance with moral and Constitutional principles.

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