Wednesday, March 20, 2013

ALERT: Emergency briefing call with Bay Buchanan and others

To: Patriot and Liberty Movement leaders
Re: Critical legislation threatening our Sovereignty and Constitution


Fellow Patriot,

The American Jobs Alliance is inviting a select group of leaders to a briefing with Bay Buchanan and others concerning critical legislation coming before Congress this summer.


You've heard of Agenda 21 and the UN Small Arms Treaty. 

But you may not have heard of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). 

It's part of the same open borders, global government scheme - and in his State of the Union address Obama promised to enact TPP this year.


TPP sets up a system of global governance and enforcement that attacks our Constitution and self-government.


Obama's Trans-Pacific "Partnership"...

Surrenders U.S. Sovereignty to UN and World courts that will apply International Law and decide how U.S. tax dollars are spent.

Exempts Foreigners from the EPA – but not us! Foreign firms doing business in the U.S. would be exempt from EPA regulations that would continue to strangle American businesses. 

Cedes 1/4 of the U.S. to Foreign Control  Our public lands - a quarter of the entire U.S. land area - would fall under jurisdiction of UN courts.

Smothers Internet Freedom Rewrites the global rules of the Internet to gag free speech like SOPA tried to do.

And of course it will send more U.S. jobs overseas.

This summer, Obama and John Boehner will ask Congress to surrender its Constitutional authority and give Obama the power to "fast track" this bad deal with eleven countries - including socialist Vietnam and the Islamic Sultanate of Brunei that practices Sharia law and persecutes Christians. 


Working together, we can persuade Congress to reject Obama's power grab.


Get the facts and let your representative know where you stand on this critical legislation.  Congress is home till April 8th.

Two Critical Legislative Briefings will be held on two days next week. Please choose which is more convenient for you, and join this historic conversation:


Sunday March 24th at 5pm Eastern Time

Monday March 25 at 3 pm Eastern Time

Please clear an hour from your schedule and pick a time to join Bay Buchanan and other patriots who care about preserving America's sovereignty. 


Please RSVP here for the Sunday or Monday briefing.


The dial-in number for the briefing:

Conference code: 489680


We are sending this exclusive invitation to grassroots leaders of the Patriot and Liberty movement.  


We will expand our outreach to include the folks you recommend.

Our future as an independent Constitutional republic is at stake.

Thank you and may God bless you and your loved ones at this most holy time of year. 

C.W. Ellis

American JobsAlliance

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