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Re: Taking Education In Our Hands!

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We are at a turning point in Florida in that there is no control of our legislature. They are off doing as they wish for $$ and we are nothing to them. Along with that they are playing the game with Jeb Bush and Arne Duncan/Obama to ruin our children through their education. Most parents in Florida have no idea what the Common Core Standards are and it is complex. Simply put it is taking away from the parents, local school districts and state school boards any say in the education of your children or what they are to be taught.
Good educators are not happy either – not because of the accountability aspect – but because the Common Core Standards (CCS) are so totally different than anything they have taught in the past and many teachers have not been instructed in the changes. Math – did you know there is a new Geometry?
In 2007 the National Governors Assoc. and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) agreed to participate in the CCS BEFORE they were even written.
The CCS were written by David Coleman, a non-educator, paid for by Bill Gates and implemented in the various states WITHOUT state legislative authority.
By hooking our states into the Common Core with Race-to-the-Top grant funds and linking the Common Core to No Child Left Behind waivers, the federal government is acting as the *enforcer* to herd states into the "one-size-fit-all"  Common Core -- in spite of the fact that three federal laws prohibit the federal government from guiding the educational curriculum of the states. Not only the U.S. Constitution, but state constitutions maintain that education is a power reserved to the states and their citizens. Yet, the Common Core can not be changed by state legislatures or state school boards.
When will elected officials ever learn to read a bill (not their staff) before agreeing to implement or vote for it?
The cost is going to be enormous and the bottom line in this is the government – state and federal – are taking the control of the education of the children away from their parents allowing those who are looking to the "New World Order" to implement indoctrination into all phases of education which is Communism.
I am asking for people from all over the state of Florida to join together to face our legislators and tell them "enough is enough."  The legislators will tell you they cannot back out now because they already took the grant funds allotted to this program. Maybe it is time for Florida to take the lead and keep their money and build our budget around what is collected from Floridians rather than taking instructions from D.C. and being held hostage.
I would like to put a state group together of which we would share information as to what our local school districts are doing, communicate with teachers and write some bills to protect our children. One such bill would be to "deny" the state from taking our children's personal information and sharing it in the National Data base which is part of the CCS. Please never forget that the United Nations is involved in this also.
The Parent Trigger bill has been presented again by Sen. Kelli Stargel. This is the bill where parents can move in and take over their public school and turn it into a Charter school. I would like you to understand that Charter schools all over Florida and the country are failing at a rate of 15% by 2012 figures and your regular public schools do not even come close to that. The whole purpose of the Charter schools is to REMOVE "ELECTED" school boards all together. Then the full force will come into place and the Federal government will OWN your children through education. Part of this program is also "school-to-work" which is also communism.
Another reminder – public schools are failing for a reason – the NWO enforcers want them to fail and the problem they are having is the Federal government has become involved and the curriculum and textbooks are so bad – it makes it very difficult to teach your children anything – the current system is meant to confuse.
We could gather to share information on-line by phone, skype and e-mails. My intent is not to flood anyone with hundreds of e-mails or conference calls. This will take speaking to your local superintendents, school boards, our legislators and to try and speak at various venues where parents with school age children may be. There are connections across the country who have already done some of this groundwork for us and are willing to share and make suggestions – they have become great friends through my research. I have flyers and presentations you can certainly use but we need to get going. (see attached)
Just know that people like Bill Ayers, a known terrorist, is running all over the country speaking to college students; textbook publishers like McGraw-Hill and Pearson are pushing Islam in our textbooks; Jeb Bush and Bill Gates are pushing CCS knowing it has a communistic base and that the purpose of Charter schools is not to give your children a better education but remove "elected" school boards and create massive "public-private partnerships" and that is – taxation without representation.
We need your help so please let me know if you are interested in participating in this group to save our children's futures..  Recruit your children whose children are currently in our schools. Please do not rely on thinking someone else will do your share. Inquire at your churches, groups you belong to, and neighbors.
We need a Florida Communication Information Hub to take control of the children's education in Florida and there is plenty for all to do.  Pick the area you think you would fit in best and join in together to try and put our Education system back to Phonics and good ole Classic education.
Blessings to all,
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