Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Grave error on HB 2313, politicians

I am disappointed in your yes vote for HB2313 and will be contributing to whatever efforts to bring it down that I can join. It is no solution, just taxes, just like the last time the General Assembly tried to foist off on us a tax hike disguised as a transportation solution. Northern Virginia and Tidewater paid for the rest of the state roads, why are we now to be subjected to an unconstitutional layer of unelected government to tax us for decades before any road repair even happens?

You must rescind that vote and apologize to the residents you are supposed to represent. No need to waste money on polling HB2313 week after week; it's another dog and we don't want it. I'll move before subjecting myself to this second attempt at an unconstitutional taxing authority, if our AG won't rule it unconstitutional and stop this tyranny...and what is the education part of this bill, pray tell...some brownshirt initiative?  

This bill is like Obamacare, sounded like a solution but then we "uh, find out what is in it." And don't think it escaped our notice that the folks running for office this year were able to say no to it.

When other people find out about it they'll be doing the same thing they did when they found out about the tax hike in disguise a mere five years ago; they'll be frightened about the education part, they'll be as angry as they were about the oppressive "bad driver" fines. They'll be finding out about it the usual way: not through the TV or newspapers, but from their enlightened friends and neighbors. But why wait for the tar and feathers? Start getting rid of this monster now and redeem yourself in our eyes.

Don't send us any more justification for this kind of betrayal. We know the money is there, prioritize it. Stop aiding and abetting Agenda 21, the UN and global government. Start reading the Constitution.

Rescind, repeal and repent. No need to send any more emails about your progress til you've gotten rid of this beast. 

Cary Nunnally
757 591 8479
There are no permanent allies.
There are no permanent enemies.
There are only permanent issues.

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