Friday, February 22, 2013

Kill HB 2313 "Transportation/Education" Bill

Dear Legislators,
 Early in session, Speaker Howell KILLED the best Individual Property Rights Bill, HB2223, sponsored by Conservative Caucus leader, Delegate Ben Cline, by sending it to his Rules Committee. This internal manipulation or another, MUST be employed to kill HB 2313. This bill supports more regionalism in the attempt to give unelected , unaccountable , unconstitutional , unwanted, unaffordable, control to appointees on the transportation board and PDCs. 

Delegate Stolle of the Southside has been a member of the HRTPO for a year now, in direct defiance of the HRTPO's bylaws.  Because the HRTPO is, and has been operating out of the bounds of its' bylaws, any votes he makes can be subject to a legal challenge.


The HRTPO cannot replace Delegate Stolle on their own, because the bylaws require that the Speaker of the House appoint delegates to the HRTPO.


The HRTPO Executive Director  advised a NN contact that the HRTPO is mailing a letter on the subject to the Speaker on February 25.  But, he is not optimistic about any quick action by the Speaker.

What is the cost to to the taxpayers to fund Stolle's position on the HRTPO and did he vote to support this taxaholic initiative?   Kill HB 2313!

 The Transportation/ Education bill is getting the Press it DESERVES!  Who  HAS SEEN or READ THE ACTUAL DOCUMENT?

Estimate = 6.1 Billion in new taxes over 5 years.
Naional review
The Eagle Forum
 While many states – North Carolina, Louisiana, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Indiana, Wisconsin, Texas & Florida are cutting & eliminating taxes, the elected officials in the Commonwealth are planning to place a huge burden on the shoulders of the taxpayers. Deemed the "Road to the Future," the plan by a Conference Committee of Democrats and Republicans provides only one future for our families – the burden of crippling tax increases. What began as a $2.4 billion tax increase in the Governor's initial plan has turned into a possible $6.1 billion in new and higher taxes and includes a higher sales tax, higher car tax, an internet tax scheme, and a higher diesel fuel tax. - From Eagle Forum
Vote could be on Friday
Forget the Senate
It's a futile waste of your time!
Kill this bill in the House
Hound your Delegate to vote against this monster tax increase!
To find wasted Billions 
REFORM VDOT, VITA & Medicaid (for starters)
find your legislator: 
VTPP CoLA action alerts direct to you:
For those who want (rumored) HB2313 conference report details:
No one has seen the actual conference report document including GA members.
My understanding of contents below ... (info from multiple sources)
FYI...above link....Cuccinelli has come out in opposition to this 'massive new tax increase'
  • The C&I tax is in there. (Loudon BOS is raising Cain about it!)
  • For NOVA and Tidewater the sales tax increase is .8 % . The rest of the state is a .3% increase. The additional is to stay in the local areas for transportation.
  • Removes 17.5 cent gas tax ....Implements 3.5% wholesale 'RACK' tax. (Diesel 6%) Gasoline tax savings 5-7 cents per gallon at current price per gallon
  • Car title tax increased 1%
  • Note: All of the new taxes above are percentages so tied to inflation.
  • Dulles rail funding included
  • Applies a $100 fee to alternative fuel vehicles.
  • Includes money for mass transit
  • Includes money for education
Friday 2/22: House Convenes at 10am; Senate at 11am. (There will be long recesses so conference committees can work).
The CoLA Team


Tricia Stall
Distinction between conservation and environmentalism: The first means taking care to use natural resources without ruining them for the next person. The second says that mankind has no rights and suggests that any use of any natural resource causes damage. We must STOP AGENDA 21!

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