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LaRouche: Time For Full Congressional Probe of Obama's Drone Killing & Benghazi Coverup

February 8th, 2013 • 7:29 PM

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
Lyndon LaRouche today called upon the Congress to uphold their responsibilities under the U.S. Constitution by conducting a full, no-holds-barred probe into the Obama Administration’s policy of extra-judicial assassinations, including of American citizens. He also demanded a full and unfettered investigation into the September 11, 2012 Benghazi attacks and aftermath.
“After yesterday’s hearings in the United States Senate, it is now absolutely clear that the Obama White House is still covering up their illegal assassinations program by refusing to comply with Congressional demands for full disclosure of the secret memos and correspondences that established and protected this kill policy. I fully agree with Senator Ron Wyden and others on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, who insisted that President Obama must come clean on what clearly is a gross violation of the Constitutional guarantees of due process.”
LaRouche continued, “Furthermore, on the basis of testimony by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey, it is also clear that President Obama must be forced to deliver a full accounting of his actions on September 11, 2012 and in the days that followed the terrorist attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, in which U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other American officials were killed. Until and unless we get to the bottom of this tragedy, we will be unable to credibly protect our American diplomats abroad.”
During their testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Secretary Panetta and General Dempsey acknowledged that, after an initial short briefing, there was no communication from the President as the attack in Benghazi was unfolding. Although State Department cables from the embassy in Tripoli, Libya clearly described the attack on the mission as a heavily armed terrorist assault, and even identified Ansar al Sharia as the organization behind the attacks, President Obama and United Nations Ambassador Dr. Susan Rice persisted for weeks in describing the incident as a spontaneous protest against a video defaming Islam.
LaRouche concluded: “Congress has a powerful responsibility under the U.S. Constitution to thoroughly probe the Executive Branch behavior, particularly when there are clear indications of unconstitutional actions. Congress was given powerful tools, including subpoena power, and, ultimately, impeachment. Congress cannot allow the President to cover-up what look to be serious crimes, which go far beyond the crimes that led to President Richard Nixon’s impeachment and eventual resignation.
“We have reached a moment of truth, and I call on all Members of Congress to uphold their pledge to defend the Constitution. Only a thorough, open and competent Congressional inquiry into the Obama assassination policy, and the Benghazi tragedy, can get at the truth that the American people so richly deserve.”
This article appears in the February 8, 2013 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.[1]

Britain's Blair Demands
A Thirty Years War

by Jeffrey Steinberg
[PDF version of this article][2]

Tony Blair.
Feb. 3—Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair gave an interview to BBC today, in which he called for a "generation of war" against al-Qaeda and other jihadist groups all over the globe. Blair compared the global war on terrorism to the 45-year Cold War between the West and the Soviet Union, and heaped praise on French President François Hollande for deploying French troops to Mali to beat back a jihadist insurgency that was purportedly threatening to take over the country's capital Bamaka. His statement directly reflected the British Empire's policy of "permanent war"—which, under current circumstances, is leading to thermonuclear confrontation with Russia and China, in an attempt to crush their sovereign independence.
Blair neglected to mention that both Britain and the United States have been fueling this permanent war, by allying with al-Qaeda and other Anglo/Saudi-backed jihadists in the overthrow of Qaddafi in Libya and in the ongoing effort to overthrow the Assad government in Syria. The former prime minister is the author of the doctrine of the "post-Westphalian" permanent global war doctrine, and has been a key controller of President Obama on behalf of the British Crown.
It is no coincidence that the escalation towards general war comes at a moment when the trans-Atlantic financial system is reaching a hyperinflationary breaking point. A decrepit financial empire is seeking to hold on to power, by spreading chaos and war among its potential challengers. (See Economics for our coverage of the exposure of massive derivatives losses at Italy's Monte dei Paschi of Siena bank and the German Deutsche Bank.)
Blair's psychotic rantings resonated at the annual Munich Security Conference (Feb. 1-3). NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen delivered a Blair-esque speech in which he declared that NATO would deploy wherever Alliance interests were threatened. He declared that he looked around the globe and saw an "arc of crises stretching from the Sahel to Central Asia," and vowed that NATO's future mission, following the withdrawal from Afghanistan, would be global in scope, would deploy special operations forces, rapid reaction forces, and missile defense capabilities to secure NATO dominance.
In fact, as our story in this section on Australia and the "Asia pivot" documents, the NATO threat to crush national sovereignty and enforce a global financial dictatorship, extends to the Pacific Basin as well.
All told, the Munich Conference involved a gang-up against Russia and China, highlighted by a late night panel on Feb. 1 (see below), where an asset of multibillionaire British agent George Soros, Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch, held the Russian government accountable for the 60,000 deaths in Syria's civil war based on Moscow's support for the Assad government. The next morning, in a panel on the European security environment, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov skewered the permanent war gang by asserting that the only legitimate military actions were those approved by the UN Security Council, and that the West was supporting terrorist networks in Libya and Syria, the very forces that have been carrying out a terror war against the West and other regions (see below).
The conflict was out in the open, and the danger of rapid escalation is imminent.

Israel's Attack on Syria

As the Munich Conference was about to take place, Israel was engaging in an illegal military action inside Syrian territory, an action that Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak endorsed. On Jan. 29, Israeli fighter jets invaded Syrian air space to bomb at least two targets—a military research facility outside Damascus and a truck caravan that Israel claimed was carrying advanced Scud missiles to Hezbollah in Lebanon.
No evidence has been presented to verify the Israeli claim of Hezbollah rocket smuggling. Under any circumstances, the Israeli action was a flagrant violation of international law, aimed at escalating the two-year destabilization of Syria by NATO, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. What is far worse, the Israeli bombings were the first direct military actions by an outside power against Syria since the start of the destabilization. Israel has threatened to carry out further attacks.
It has been confirmed that there are Russian advisors at Syria's advanced air defense sites, and if Syria attempts to shoot down incoming Israeli fighter planes the next time they attack, the situation could quickly escalate. NATO has already deployed Patriot missile batteries along the southern Turkish border with Syria.
Clearly, the Israeli attack means that the situation in Syria indeed a hair trigger for general war, potentiallly drawing in NATO, Russia and even China. The immediacy of the threat of general war may have prompted the designated leader of the Syrian opposition, Sheikh Moaz al-Khatib, to offer for the first time to directly negotiate with the Assad government. At Munich, Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi met with al-Khatib (see below).
But U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and UN Special Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi insisted that the precondition for any arrangement to end the fighting in Syria, was that President Bashar al-Assad step down. This is not going to happen.

And Now Iran, Africa ... ?

As the conference was winding down, Iran and the UN Permanent 5 countries plus Germany announced that there would be a meeting to discuss Iran's nuclear program in Kazakstan on Feb. 25. Outgoing U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta also told NBC-TV that Iran has still not made a decision to build a nuclear bomb, echoing Vice President Biden's remarks in Munich that there is still "time and space" to negotiate a deal with Iran to avert military confrontation.
However, Israel's Barak shocked the Munich audience with a rant against Iran, in which he essentially declared that the time for talks has run out, that war is on, and no further attention would be paid to any critics.
The African continent is simultaneously set to explode. The French military intervention into Mali, fully backed by the Cameron government in Britain, is no quick in-and-out operation. Full-blown destabilization is spreading from Libya to Mali and throughout North Africa. Algeria, one of the few Maghreb countries to explicitly oppose the London-Paris-Washington overthrow of Qaddafi, is a prime target for Western-backed regime change, according to senior African diplomats. It is here in North Africa that Tony Blair's generational war is already underway.

To the Questionable John Brennan:
After you and Obama Killed Abu al-Libi,
How did you Protect U.S. Representatives?

John Brennan.
In June, 2012, President Obama, with your assistance in selecting the target, ordered the killing of Abu Yahya al-Libi in a drone attack in Pakistan. Abu Yahya al-Libi is a Libyan member of Al-Qaeda who is a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. Abu Yahya al-Libi was captured in Pakistan in 2002 after having fled Tora Bora. He later escaped from prison on July 10, 2005. He subsequently ascended to a senior position within Core al-Qaeda, becoming a member of its Sharia committee.
Senior members of the LIFG who were imprisoned in Tripoli’s Abu Salem prison, after having plotted to kill Qaddafi from 1995–1998, entered into a dialogue with the Qaddafi regime. In order to be released from prison, they apologized to Qaddafi for trying to kill him. In August, 2007, Abu Yahya al-Libi said that the apology issued by the senior members of the LIFG was authored under coercive measures and should not be taken seriously. Senior members of the LIFG were released in March, 2010, only to, then, participate in the overthrow and killing of Qaddafi.
Abu Yahya al-Libi’s elder brother is Abd al- Wahab al Qayid, a founding member of the LIFG. Abd al-Wahab al Qayid is one of the coauthors of the apology issued during negotiations with Saif Qaddafi in order to be released from prison in March, 2010.
Today Abd al-Wahab al Qayid is an official in the Libyan Interior Ministry in charge of border control.
Prior to Sept. 11, 2012, the head of Core al- Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, called for retaliation for the death of Abu Yahya al-Libi.
In this light, as Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, and as directly involved in the killing of Abu Yahya al- Libi, what measures did you advise the President to take, and what measures, if any, were taken to protect Ambassador Chris Stevens during his trip to Benghazi on September 11, 2012, the anniversary of the original September 11, 2001?
Given that the LIFG was designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the US State Department, the UN Security Council and the UK Home Office, and that the LIFG formally merged with Al- Qaeda in 2007, did you advise the President against allying with leaders of the LIFG to overthrow Qaddafi? Did you warn the President against supplying weapons through Qatar to the forces of Abdel Hakim Belhajd, the emir of the LIFG, who became the commander of the Tripoli Military Council? Did you warn NATO officials against meeting with Belhadj and Ismael al-Sallabi in Qatar in August of 2011?
Did you advise the President that the security provided to the US mission in Benghazi was controlled by the same LIFG? Did you tell him that the February 17 Brigade, which provided security for the mission, was formed by Belhadj and led by Ismael al-Sallabi, leading members of the LIFG? Did you inform him that the deputy minister of interior for eastern Libya, Wanis al-Sharif, was a senior member of the LIFG and controlled the Supreme Security Committee in Benghazi? Did you advise him that Wisam bin Hamid, the head of Libya Shield, was identified by the Library of Congress as the possible head of Al-Qaeda in Libya and hosted a demonstration in Sirte in March, 2012, attended by the leader of AQIM, Mokhtar bel Mokhtar, the leader of the recent Algerian hostage-taking, who was his honored guest? Did you advise him that the head of Ansar al-Sharia, Bin Qumu, was also a member of the LIFG and Al-Qaeda?
Don’t you think that as the chief of counterterrorism, you had a responsibility to inform the president that the killing of Abu Yahya al-Libi could result in retaliation from the LIFG leadership which the President allied with to overthrow Qaddafi? Were you aware that Ayman al-Zawahiri called for revenge?
Since you failed to advise the President against allying with the al-Qaeda–allied LIFG in the overthrow of Qaddafi, and failed to take adequate preemptive measures to protect the Ambassador, don’t you think that you and the President share responsibility for the consequences?

Brennan in Middle of Saudi-9/11 Cover-up and the Missing 28 Pages

February 8th, 2013 • 8:48 AM
Get new, updated version![1]
President Barack Obama with Prince Bandar.
Two years ago, Sen. Bob Graham, who has tirelessly been fighting against the suppression of information on the Saudi role in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, put John Brennan in the middle of the ongoing cover-up by the Obama White House. On Sept. 12, 2011, Graham was interviewed by host Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC, concerning the Saudi-supported "support network" for the 9/ll hijackers, which extended from San Diego, California, to Sarasota, Florida, with other centers in New Jersey, Virginia, and Arizona. Graham described his efforts to obtain release of the suppressed 28 pages from the Congressional 9/11 report concerning the Saudi role, and Graham said that he had talked to the White House and to Obama's counter-terrorism advisor, John Brennan, asking him to get the 28 pages released. To this day, Brennan, who has documented close connections to the Saudis, has failed to do so.
The next day, Ratigan published a column, stating: "For ten years, the U.S. government has kept secret the Saudi connection to the 9/11 hijackers.... This isn't my claim. It's what former Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Bob Graham asserted yesterday on my show. Yesterday, he discussed his outrage over the government's secretive behavior, with journalist Anthony Summers, whose book on 9/11 blew the lid off some creepy aspects of the attacks that President Bush, and now President Obama and his terrorism advisor John Brennan, are keeping secret."
Graham served for ten years on the Senate Intelligence Committee, and chaired it during and after the 9/11 attacks. He also chaired the bi-partisan Joint Congressional Inquiry into the 9/11 attacks.

The Constitution vs. Obama

Chief Justice John Marshall in 1831.
Will leading U.S. institutions finally move to prevent President Barack Obama from continuing to rip up the U.S. Constitution, and to lead the U.S. into dictatorship and war? This is a question of the most vital interest to all nations, not just Americans, and it’s immediately on the agenda now.
Over the last two weeks, there have been some significant indications that such action against Obama is underway.
First, there was the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, which ruled Jan. 25 that President Obama had violated the U.S. Constitution in a manner that would “eviscerate” the separation of powers. If this ruling is not overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, it has the potential to lead to the impeachment of a President who has increasingly asserted Hitler-like powers, at the expense of, particularly, the Legislative branch of government.
Closely related to this ruling is the issue of Obama’s unconstitutional assertion of his right to go to war without Congressional approval, an action he took in Libya, with ongoing devastating results, is now beginning in Mali, and is threatening to take in Syria. While the courts refused to rule on a Congressional legal challenge to that violation of law, the issue is alive and well, as shown by the introduction of HCR 3 by Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) early in this Congressional session. Jones is actively campaigning for HCR 3, which declares that any Presidential initiation of military action (short of actual self-defense) taken without Congressional approval, constitutes an immediate impeachable offense.
The most recent blow against the Obama juggernaut is the set of concerted actions challenging his drone warfare policy. Internationally, the United Nations Human Rights Council is scrutinizing the policy, questioning whether it does not indeed represent a violation of international law. Nationally, Obama is finally being challenged on his assertion of the right to kill even American citizens, without any due process of law, through drone strikes anywhere in the world.
On Feb. 4, eleven U.S. Senators, eight of them Democrats, issued a letter demanding that the White House release secret memos justifying its policy of killing Americans in the name of fighting terrorism. While maintaining an appearance of decorum, the Senators issued a not-so-veiled threat that, if the White House refuses to release the Justice Department Office of Legal Counsel’s memo on this subject, the Senators will block the confirmation of two of the President’s Cabinet appointees, John Brennan as CIA Director (one of Obama’s closest cronies in deciding who should be killed), and Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel. Brennan’s hearing is scheduled for Feb. 7.
Then, on Feb. 5, NBC News dropped a bombshell, by publishing a White House memo, unclassified, but hitherto secret, which justified its kill policy. The 16-page memo, allegedly produced to try to satisfy requests from Senators last Summer, has made it abundantly clear that the rationale for the “kills” is nothing other than Presidential power, unchecked by any legal process, judicial review, or Congressional oversight.
Many Americans, including top leaders, have known for years what Lyndon LaRouche had the temerity to publicly assert: that Obama is a wouldbe Nero, prepared to impose a Hitler-like dictatorship at home and abroad. So far, party politics and cowardice have prevented effective action to remove him from power.
Is this now, at the 11th hour, about to change? We must make sure it does.

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