Thursday, March 15, 2012

Obama admin targets farms

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March 15, 2012
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Tonight on GBTV: Do you recognize your country? Glenn shreds Obama's farming regulation & dares media to print his comments on the Afghanistan War. Find out his take and see if the press takes Glenn up on the challenge. Don't miss it tonight at 5pm (or on demand) only on GBTV!

WSJ: Glenn Beck Rallies Troops For Revolution Against TV
In just 6 short months GBTV has made some incredible progress and is already competing with established networks. The Wall Street Journal took note of this unprecedented initial success in a great feature today.

Real News from The Blaze: The focus is on media spin…but not the typical right wing, left wing spin. The Real News team will discuss the spin being put on Syria and the crackdowns there that have left nearly 8,000 Syrian civilians dead and hundreds of thousands wounded. Why isn't the international community intervening? Find out tonight – 7pm ET (or on demand) – Only on GBTV.

Romney: Guess what Megyn, I made a lot of money 
If Mitt Romney does indeed end up taking home the GOP nomination, he will be attacked for being a man of wealth. There are two ways he can handle this -- he can either try to hide/downplay his wealth, OR he can celebrate it. Which does Mitt choose? He told Megyn Kelly in this clip. Check it out & get Glenn's reaction HERE.

Beck: I don't recognize my country anymore
Glenn about lost his mind when he heard the regulations Hilda Solis and the Department of Labor have imposed on American farms. Apparently the government thinks they know how to run American farms better than experienced farmers do… AND they have deemed it's time to step in and "help" the farmers out. Eh, thanks but no thanks. Get Glenn's fired up response.

Are you prepared? 
Last night on GBTV Glenn welcomed a panel of experts to discuss the actions you must take to be prepared for any situation. Plus the season finale of Independence USA - GBTV's reality show where the Belcastro family really show you HOW to prepare. How do you harvest your own fruits and vegetables? Can Frank make his own ammunition for when the store-bought ammo runs out? All episodes are available on demand.

Want to know how to use a ham radio? Find out how here

Jason Mattera exposes Hollywood Hypocrites
If you spent any time on the internet yesterday you probably noticed that Chris Rock was caught on cam attacking a female camera operator. What triggered Chris Rock's temper? Jason Mattera asked him one question - a question about something Rock himself had said about the Tea Parties. Watch the assault and check out Jason talk about his new book, Hollywood Hypocrites.

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Benjamin Jealous seeks U.N. help...for state issues?
NAACP leader Benjamin Jealous made no bones about hiding his internationalist tendencies by visiting the United Nations in search of help. Did he want help on how he could help feed some poor children in third world countries? Offering assistance to help restore peace to a war torn nation? Nope - he wanted the U.N. to help him change U.S. state voting laws. Glenn reacts on radio today.

St. Patrick's Day indoctrination: The Lorax goes after evil environment destroying corporations - DETAILS.

The B.S. of A: Don't miss an all new B.S. of A. tonight on GBTV! Brian Sack and the gang have pushed political correctness aside to bring you another show full of hilarious moments and a witty perspective to the news of the day…8pm ET (or on demand).

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