Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Message from Carl Anderson

Virginia Tea Party Patriots,


   I am asking for assistance to enlist the support of the Tea Party Members in the cities of Virginia Beach and Norfolk as well as Accomack and Northampton Counties in the endeavor to secure Tea Party Conservative Delegates to the 2nd District Convention and to get Conservative Leadership on the Republican State Central Committee.  My name is Carl Anderson. I have filed to run for the Republican State Central Committee from the 2nd Congressional District.  To gain this seat at the table, we need Tea Party Members to attend their local Mass Meeting and sign up to be a Delegate to the 2nd Congressional District Convention to be held in Virginia Beach on May 12.  The Pre-file deadline will vary based on the date of each Mass Meeting.  In Accomack it is February 28.  Mass Meeting Calls are (will be) available at under the Calls Tab.


   Let me give you a little of my Tea Party background. After attending several Tea Party meetings in Hampton, (which also included folks from York County, Poquoson, and Newport News) the leadership seemed to disappear. As a result, Mary Leedom and I stepped up to help revive the Peninsula Tea Party. Mary and I became the representatives to the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation and Local Coordinators for the Tea Party Patriots. I am normally on the weekly Webinars and Conference Calls with the leadership of both organizations. I have been active in Cooperative Legislative Action (CoLA) Committee, a member of the Agenda 21 Committee, and a Bill Reader Leader for both years.  I have attended numerous training events such as Citizen Lobbyist, etc. and I have attended numerous rallies including at least five in Washington, DC.


   Second Congressional District Chairman Gary Byler told me my only chance in gaining one of the three seats on State Central would be by gaining Tea Party support. This made me smile since it was an email from Karen Hurd (Hampton Roads Tea Party) that alerted me to the Hampton Republican Mass Meeting two years ago.  As a result of the email from Karen ("sorry for the late notice but tomorrow is the deadline to file for the Republican Party of Hampton Mass Meeting"), my wife and I hand carried our applications in order to make the deadline. I thought I would sit in the back row and observe for a while. Due to some leadership issues, I found myself to be 1st Vice Chairman at my first meeting and at my third meeting I became Chairman.


   As Chairman of the 91st House District I had the opportunity to coordinate the Canvass and Special Election following the sudden resignation of Delegate Tom Gear. I am also the Chair of the Republican 2nd Senate District and worked hard on the unsuccessful Tom Harmon campaign against Democrat Black Caucus Leader Senator Mamie Locke (who was one of five Senators to vote against the Eminent Domain Amendment in the First Reference last year).


   My background also includes Retired U. S. Air Force Captain, Information Systems Officer (23 years with prior service E-7 (Msgt) with 13 years in High Voltage Electrical Distribution).  After the Air Force, I was a small business owner of a retail store with organic and hydroponic garden supplies for 17 years on Newtown Rd. in Virginia Beach.


   Since Virginia Beach holds the Lion's Share of Delegate Votes at the 2nd Congressional District Convention, I am hoping you would be able to help in getting Virginia Beach and Norfolk Tea Party Delegates to the 2nd District Convention as well as Delegates from Accomack and Northampton Counties. There are four people running for the three State Central seats. The other three (Roger Miles, Curtis Colgate, and David O'Kelley) are the current incumbents. Of course, I think it is time for some new blood on State Central with some Tea Party Conservative representation.  I hope you agree and will help secure one more seat at the table of the Republican State Central Committee. 




Carl Anderson

Peninsula Tea Party

Mary Leedom

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