Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fwd: Garrett's story will be on John Stossel's TV Show, "Illegal Jobs" on Mar 22nd

Dear All,
I hope you are able to watch Fox Business Network at 9:00pm this evening, featuring Greg. Garrett of York County.  The regulations and implementation of restrictive unconstitutional land use policies resulting from UN AG21/EPA/American Planning Association-Planners Network are becoming evident to many, evidenced by the welcomed Supreme court  ruling against the EPA:

G. Garrett's  story will be on John Stossel's TV Show, "Illegal Jobs" on Mar 22nd

I just returned from NYC, taping to appear on John Stossel's  Show.
 The title is "Illegal jobs". This show will appear Thursday, March 22 at 9pm… on the Fox Business Network(not Fox News) which airs on channel 218 on Cox Cable in Hpt Roads or Channel 359 on Direct TV.
Watch the last show like this that John Stossel just produced....
We will be talking about how outrageous it is that oyster aquaculture has become illegal on our own land that is zoned to allow agriculture.
Greg Garrett
offices in Hpt Rds from Chesapeake to Williamsburg
Licensed in Virginia
cell # 757-879-1504

Tricia Stall
Distinction between conservation and environmentalism: The first means taking care to use natural resources without ruining them for the next person. The second says that mankind has no rights and suggests that any use of any natural resource causes damage. We must STOP AGENDA 21!

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