Thursday, February 2, 2012

Re: Is the GOP the new Whig Party?

Dear "American Patriot",
Thank you for your email.  I know it takes lots of dedication and hard work to gather names and email addresses, and you've written a piece that is worth considering.  Many agree that we're spinning wheels and worse with candidates attacking one another instead of the failed administration.
I'm disappointed that the word 'Revolution' is not spelled correctly in the beginning of your linked message.  For me it was a 'wrong foot' beginning.  Do y?ou really perceive that two of the candidates are 'weak'?
Who are you, and what are you really pushing for? 
Our TEA Parties in North Carolina are working to put the design above on billboards all over the state in 2012 - on major thoroughfares, on the best sites available.  A small statewide group has gathered, made the design, and we're on the road to gathering resources for over 15 locations statewide, where billboards will proclaim our message - ENOUGH!    RECLAIM AMERICA.     VOTE.  
We've traveled over 3,000 miles to find those sites, and our first confirmed location is in Charlotte, NC, the site of the 2012 Democrat Convention.  We'll have a mobile billboard there for all four days of the convention. 
Meantime in our one group, Moore TEA Citizens, we meet monthly, march in parades, rally in Raleigh and DC, attend every meeting that involves the hated Agenda 21, get together with other like-minded patriotic Americans for education sessions, align ourselves with Constitution-supporting Conservatives, and we VOTE.  We register people, we talk with them about the real issues, and we're fiercely determined to DO THE RIGHT THING.  We write to the newspapers, have an hour a week on talk radio for our commentaries, and we are in the majority in the Republican leadership of our county.  We help other groups to meet, develop and grow strong.  We are strong since our inception in April, 2009.  At our first rally we gathered more than 1,000 people in the small town of Southern Pines, North Carolina!
I'm concerned that you do not identify yourself.  Do we know you? 
As to the content of your email, I'll only say this - suggesting that the Constitution should be revised - especially that we might do that now, in this election year, is folly.
Glad you've written, and I hope to hear back from the others you sent your note to today.  American Patriot, who are you and what is your real agenda?
Dee Park, Chair
Moore TEA Citizens
Moore County, NC
1,700 strong Conservative, Constitutionalist Patriotic Citizens and growing.
Billboard website:
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Subject: Is the GOP the new Whig Party?

The 2012 GOP nomination fight has turned ugly. Two weak candidates seem determined to batter each other until the other's negatives are so high the survivor has little chance of winning in November.

The GOP establishment (working with the news media) seems determined to manipulate the primary/caucus cycle to ensure their insider candidate secures the nomination. They are playing a dangerous game. If they are successful and their nominee goes down in a crushing defeat in 2012, the party will fracture. The GOP will go the way of the Whigs. After three big government GOP terms (Bushes) and a crushing loss of the the "electable" guy in 2008 (McCain), the conservative base of the party will have every right to say "no more". The seeds are being sown for the emergence of a true American Conservative Party. The Big Government GOP faction can join the Big Government Democrats in the liberal minority.

The scenario above can be avoided, but only if  Republicans, independents, and Reagan Democrats insist that the narrative be changed in 2012. Common sense solutions on pressing contemporary issues remain impossible to implement in the current environment that is characterized by political games, corruption, special interests. The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street actually have a lot in common...they just can't seem to find the words to express their common objectives. Americans need to have an honest dialogue with one another and reach consensus on the necessary long-term political reforms that need to be made. Once the rules have been tightened up and a new model for public service is implemented, solutions to current issues can be found.

There is a draft plan for 2012. Read about it here:

Study the proposed reforms (amendments) and issues. Take the survey. Volunteer. Engage your fellow citizens and make a real difference in 2012.

American Patriots
PO Box 4381
Pinehurst, NC  28374
To Join just send us your name, address, phone number and email address!

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  1. Just as the Republican Party was born from the Whigs of the 1800s, the Modern Whig Party is the rebirth of the original and is drawing moderaties not only from the Republican Party, but also from the Democrats and independents.