Monday, February 6, 2012

Fw: American Freedom Watch Radio Feb 7, Guest - Star Parker

Audience call in is 856-227-1360
--- Theme of our show will be:  
     Agenda 21 Recognizing Agenda 21 in your state, Agenda 21 affects on your community

How do entitlements support Agenda 21.

Bogus Reports of EPA and Science Community regarding man made climate control, rezoning and The Endangered Species Act, global warming have been use to steal property from every area in the US.  Property rights are one of the most important rights in America as it give individuals equity in their country. American is the richest land mass in the world with huge mineral, oil and coal reserves.
Agenda 21 and its goal to replace American law with UN Law. Agenda 21 is the single master plan affecting our lives today as it addresses every aspect of our lives while infringing upon our American Freedom. The UN Agenda 21 is the UN goal for sustainable development, Race to the Top promotes this agenda in the schools.  
While focusing on helping the environment, this message is clear. In order to complete its goals, then American middle class must be destroyed. Humans are considered the enemy of the planet.  Along with this destruction will go individual rights, The US Constitution and history, individual property rights and the American way of life.
In it place will be: social justice for the good of the collective, herding American into sustainable communities with strict government controls over every daily function. Although the Senate never ratified, this Treaty has been funded and is in force destroying America. Together we will dissect this Agenda and learn the Agenda 21 techniques to look for in your town, community and school.  We will explain and apply the US Constitution to these tactics so the listening audience will be educated and able to stop these over reaching policies before more damage is done to their school, children and community.
Join Sai and I to discuss how Agenda 21 destroys communities.  
Special attention this week will be on the role of the economy and the Payroll Tax bill
Energy, ICLEI and Agencies working for the UN.

Hi All - Schedule for this week:
John 2:00 - 2:15 CDT - AG 21 - The destruction of the OIL industry $5 oil by the summer.
Star Parker  3:15- 3:45  EST,  2:15 - 2:45 CST
Doc - 3:45-4  Illegals in the hospital.
If you would like listeners to call or to put on your web sites the Audience call in is 856-227-1360
If anyone has AIM and wants Chat messages on line during the show for cues let me know.
The buddy name for AIM to use for the station is
Please follow this as we are live on AM radio.      
Hosts and contributors - also, mute your computers,and AIM
shut off cellphones, no noise.  No talking 30 sec before the break ends.  Last week one section of the break was broadcast.

I want to thank all of you for the great job you are doing in helping to make this show great.

WNJC - Mon.-Thurs. 3-4pm, Fri. 10-11am, Sat. 5:30-6:30pm    (Friday 3-4pm will be added within 1-2 months. FCC is doing testing) Mon. - Bordering on Insanity, Tues. - American Freedom Watch, Wed. - Patriots Watch, Thurs. - America's Black Shield, Fri. - Veteran's Hour, Sat. - We Say, No Se Puede   at 2:45 we will get the commercials set up or music breaks at 2:50 we  will log onto AIM at 2:55 we will call info the conference call conference call number  760-569-9000, enter code 879773#    

SHOW FORMAT ;00 INTRO (:00)- RPR mission statement with music in background If you want cues, get an AIM acct from AOL. Let me know your ID. Remember, set up your AIM communication with wnjcam (WNJC's username)  5-10 minutes before the show. Karen Schoen P:850-773-2415 C:954-864-0530 F:850-303-0029
Knowledge is Power

Karen Schoen, Agender

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