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Bear Witness Special Report - The 21st Century Socialism and Electronic Voting Machines


                    Waking up America


                    SPECIAL REPORT






The 21st Century Socialism goals are to destroy the economy (done), destroy the rights to privacy (done), socialize medicine (done), destroy the rights to property (being implemented) and to control voting to remain in power using electronic voting machines. The elections that brought Obama to become a senator were conducted with Venezuelan (Communist President Chavez) electronic voting machines.  “The right to vote is the primary right by which other rights are protected” Thomas Paine


Let’s face it; fraudulent election results are as old as prostitution and making bread.  There are possibly hundreds of ways to manipulate the data, the voters, and the results.  Before the turn of the century, manipulation or fraudulent behaviors in the United States elections were perceived as simply, peccata minuta that is, a “minor” event… a “political mischief”.  However, is this still the case?


Many Americans from all parties have been looking at the evidence and the reports from the news and fellow citizens, regarding fraudulent election incidents, and they have been reaching the same conclusion.  Election fraud has increased to an alarming rate.  Very soon, we will be facing, what some believe is the most important election in our history.  Our lives, as we know it, are at stake.


In recent meetings and conferences, to our surprise, a vast majority of the American citizens, members of Tea Party and patriot groups have no idea of the immense danger presented by the electronic voting machines.  The differences between our traditional ways of doing politics vs. the new monster called (from 2008 on) “The XXI Century’s Socialism”, (a new morphed, evil and insidious brand of Communism is created and maintained by what we call a “Constitutional Dictatorship”) are explained in the Constitutional Dictatorship article. In order to stop the Constitutional Dictatorship we have to play “cricket” the real bad news is that the American people (including our conservative leaders) have never been to a cricket game, therefore, our people and politicians insist on playing “baseball”, when the enemy is playing “cricket”.


The American conservatives have been fighting on many battle fronts: Agenda 21; Islamic infiltration; the interference in our children’s education; the job crisis; the Wall Street Occupy idiots; the usurpation and violation of our constitution; the Marxist indoctrination of our college students; the way government agencies are spying on us; Obama’s executive orders and intentions to rule by decree (like Chavez); his intention to fundamentally change our nation with a brand-new Constitution; depopulation; the promotion of alternative life styles; tax increases; the creation of a national militia and nation debt, just to name some of the distractions.  


It is true, as this review of Roberto Alonso's article indicates, the regime has kept us very busy, dizzy and distracted to the max.  We have been taking for granted, or ignoring, the first battle that we have to win, in order to have a chance to take back our nation: the totally and absolutely ban of the electronic voting machines.  If we fail to win this GREAT BATTLE, we might as well say goodbye to the United States of America, the way we have known it and learn to live under a Communist regime.  The U.N. Agenda 21 will achieve its goal; the Islam’s influence will grow; the state will look after the brainwashing of our children; we will see idiots everywhere; we will all end up working for and depending on the regime for our mere survival; the enemy will write out a brand-new Constitution and among many other nasty and undesirable things, we will see the taxes go through the roof and beyond.


There is an extreme danger of the e-voting machines and there needs to be an awareness and a movement to prevent the use of these e-voting machines in the 2012 elections.


To read the complete and extremely important special report, please click here.



 “He, who counts the votes, (with or without e-voting machines) wins the election!(Joseph Stalin)




A full seminar/conference about the perils of United Nations Agenda 21 will be conducted in Jacksonville, Florida.

Come spend a day with the experts and learn how America is purposely being driven into a One World Government and Socialism through environmental sustainability, as outlined in the United Nations Agenda 21 (UN Agenda for the 21st Century) and how to get your city or county off from their stronghold.


Saturday, January 7th, 2012, 9 AM to 4:30 PM, $10 (cash or check only) at the door. Includes breakfast and lunch (coffee, cookies, sandwich, chips and refreshments), doors open at 8:15 AM.   Click here for more information and to RSVP, limited seating.


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