Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Freedom Times, Issue no. 65

Issue No. 65
December 2011


Wayne LaPierre: The Obama administration is planning a second-term attack on gun rights

By Wayne LaPierre, Daily Caller

Obama administration officials are deliberately keeping gun owners in the dark about the president's gun-control agenda as we head into next year's national election...

Gun-ban lobby growing increasingly impatient with Obama
By Chris Cox, Daily Caller

Taking a break from inciting "occupy protests" around the country, professional huckster Jesse Jackson recently returned to one of his longtime battle-cries: "Limit guns now."...

Republican says Fast and Furious was hatched to build support for gun control

By Jonathan Easley, The Hill

The botched gun-tracking operation Fast and Furious was a plot hatched by the Obama administration to impose stricter gun laws, a House Republican said...

Editorial: Fast and furious lies
By Michael A. Walsh, New York Post

It was all a lie. The angry denials, the high dudgeon, the how-dare-you accuse-us bleating emanating from Eric Holder's Justice Department these last nine months...

Grassley: Justice Dept.'s Breuer needs to go
By Jerry Seper, Washington Times

The ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday called for the resignation of Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer, who heads the Justice Department's Criminal Division...

Wisconsin Governor Signs NRA-Backed Castle Doctrine into Law
By The National Rifle Association

Governor Scott Walker has signed Wisconsin Castle Doctrine legislation into law. This common-sense measure strengthens the right of law-abiding citizens to use force, including deadly force, against an attacker in their homes...

Gun lobby rejoices over ruling on FOID privacy
By Pam Adams, Peoria Journal Star

Gun-rights advocates are doubly relieved with Peoria County Circuit Judge
Michael Brandt's ruling that blocks the names of Illinois' 1.3 million gun-card holders from being released to the public...

Ohio and New Mexico Sign Concealed Carry Reciprocity Agreement

Office of the Ohio Attorney General

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and New Mexico Department of Public Safety Cabinet Secretary Gorden E. Eden, Jr. have signed an agreement that permits reciprocity between their states...

Rep. Walsh Defends Constitution from United Nations
Office of U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh

Congressman Joe Walsh (IL-8) introduced the Second Amendment Protection Act that would cut off all funding to the United Nations if the United States agrees to any treaty that infringes on the constitutional rights of American citizens...


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