Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year



Are you ready for 2012?

Americans are waking up

 Thank you Mr. Obama...for bringing Americans together. For that you get a gold star.

From your messages we learned that you lie, you play favorites, you favor Islam, you favor big corporations to line your pockets, you have obligated the America people to huge debt that our children's children will thank you as well.


Yes you have attempted to fundamentally transform America into a Marxist country that is beyond recognition. You hired known communists for Czars, used occupiers to intimidate and allowed the Federal Reserve to print money and destroy our economy.   Your corruption knows no bounds. You and your corrupt Attorney General Holder are suing the States for attempting to enforce Federal Law.  You have promoted mediocre healthcare, "F" ratings for our schools, down grade of  our AAA credit rating, burned bibles, destroyed the banking , fishing, auto and energy industries.  You did all of this while encouraging hatred, class warfare,calling us names, calling us lazy, terrorist, used phony science, bad investments for taxpayer dollars, bowing to our enemies, handing with  hard earned dollars to our enemies,  promoting foreign business while destroying ours. You have given away:  our food, our money, our jobs (yes you created jobs, 1.2 million overseas) our drone, our sovereignty, our resources, our technology and our military secrets.  You have overloaded healthcare, schools, entitlements with illegals (your new voters).    You have given grants for phony EPA projects designed to steal our liberty, private property and restrict our movement. After all you don't believe in American excellence, you believe in communal mediocrity which will become the highlight of your Presidency.  Yes, we got it you want to fundamentally transform America into a third world country.


Well, we got the message and we say enough, no matter what you offer.  We would rather follow Opie see Opieh


We are ready.

Americans are fighting back, we are united, we will prevail....


 Success Stories of 2011

We created our own media that tells the truth, we are monitoring schools, promoting the 10th Amendment, educating ourselves, and TALKING ABOUT POLITICS AND RELIGION OPENLY.  WE have officially ended political correctness.


We learned that Sustainable Development is code for confiscating private property in the name of protecting the environment.  Therefore, Americans all over the country are education legislators and kicking ICLEI and Smart Growth out of their county, most recently are Momouth and Somerset counties, NJ and La Plata, Co.


The best 2011 Smart Growth News goes to  Supreme Court of California for dissolving over 400 redevelopment agencies. Redevelopment is code for stealing taxpayer money from highway projects for rebuild using favored contractors.  Sustainable Developments to herd people into pack em, stack em urban areas with limited electricity, for and transportation.. This is great news.  The Institute for Justice should be congratulated for the great work they did to protect the property rights of the citizens in CA and for giving us a platform to prove our point when trying to o to convince our elected officials of what is in store for us if we continue implementing these economy killing growth plans. If you can the Institute For Justice  could use donations.

Florida gets a spot as well for Gov Scott defunding Florida Forever and Smart Growth programs.  


The best 2011 Education News goes to all of the states that refused Race to Tyranny (oops Race to the Top) and is shared by Tennessee for passing SB 49 which restricts Sex Ed Classes in public schools ONLY to the biology of human reproduction.


Best Business Decision goes to Lowe's for pulling its advertising off of the Muslim show.. Sign the petition and support Lowe's for not caving to the Muslim pressure from CAIR. Petition  and to Chic A Fila for closing on Sunday.for closing on Sunday


Best 2011 Smart Meter News goes to New Hampshire an ACT prohibiting electric utilities from installing and maintaining smart meter gateway devices without the residential or business property owner’s consent.


Best 2011 Immigration news goes to Arizona for its relentless enforcement of immigration law to protect its citizens.


Best 2011 Climate news is from Space and Science Center for exposing the global warming hoax.


Best 2011 EPA news,  Federal Court slaps down EPA


Best 2011 Tea Party News The Tea Party is Upending  Urban  Planning


Best 2011 Agender news - Congratulations to John Anthony and Emily Bowers who met an an Agenders Conference in Florida and are engaged.



Americans working together are the best force to defeat the communist living in the White House, Congress will never act alone. We must be on them constantly and VOTE THEM OUT when they refuse to listen.


Get your postcards ready, we have work to do. As you can see we are making a difference.  last year you thought Agenda 21 was a myth, now you see it all over government documents as this administration is preparing to implement by executive order.


First card for the new year, to your fed legislators, support Joe Walsh bill HR 3594, CONGRESS WILL DEFUND THE UNITED NATIONS, IF THEY TAKE ANY MEASURES OF GUN CONTROL ON ANY U.S. CITIZEN !


Remember to attend the Jacksonville Agenders conference



To all of our new friends, have a wonderful New Year because Monday, let's get to work. 

Yes, we will bring America back to the exceptional country she is.  


God Bless you all and God Bless America,


The Agenders.




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