Thursday, October 20, 2016

ALERT: Pentagon upset at Hillary for debate comment?


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Fellow Patriots,

A story posted on LibertyNEWS today has broken all traffic records for our website and for good reason. This because it looks like Hillary Clinton's comments about nuclear war may have breached military nuclear war secrecy protocols. 

What Hillary Clinton said about the timing of a President's theoretical use of nuclear weapons may have been known by some, but the audacity and downright danger of disclosing such information in front of tens of millions of viewers is downright jaw-dropping. 

More than half a million people have read the story on If you haven't already done so we highly suggest you click here to read it now

Good grief. And some 40% of Americans want Hillary to be President?

God help us. 


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Keep up the fight and stay vigilant!

-Eric Odom

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