Saturday, November 5, 2016


This is it!

Dear LifeNews Readers,

In just three short days Americans will head to the polls in a presidential election that could decide the fate of abortion for decades to come.

Pro-life voters must do everything possible to ensure radical abortion advocate Hillary Clinton does not become our next president.

Hillary Clinton is Planned Parenthood's best friend and will not only continue the pro-abortion agenda President Barack Obama started but she will extend it further to push abortion on a global scale. Moreover, Clinton will make sure that your tax dollars fund abortions at every turn -- including overturning long-standing pro-life laws that have protected you from funding most abortions for decades.

Hillary Clinton promises to put pro-abortion judges on the Supreme Court to keep abortion in place for another 43 years -- resulting in the deaths of 58 million more unborn children.

Hillary Clinton will make sure that Planned Parenthood continues receiving over half a billion dollars of your money each and every year despite the fact that it kills hundreds of thousands of babies every year in abortions.

Hillary Clinton will continue President Obama's attacks on religious faith and values. She will make sure that Americans are forced to pay for abortions and abortion-causing drugs. The prospects of pro-life doctors and other medical professionals being forced to promote or refer for abortions is a very real one and a strong concern under a Clinton presidency.

The long list of pro-abortion actions Hillary Clinton would take as president goes on and on. From opposing abstinence education to targeting the work of pregnancy centers providing pro-life alternatives, to pushing the United Nations to make abortion an international right, Hillary Clinton will make the promotion of abortion the centerpiece of her four years in office. has educated millions of pro-life voters about the radical Hillary Clinton abortion agenda. We have only three days left to continue reaching as many people as possible.

LifeNews needs your help today to sound the alarm about Hillary Clinton's pro-abortion plans. Please help LifeNews today with a donation of $25, $50 or $100.

And if you can, please consider a donation of $250 or even $500 to stop Hillary Clinton.

We must do everything possible to stop the coming pro-abortion onslaught under a Clinton regime.


Steven Ertelt, Editor

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