Monday, April 25, 2016

To 375+ Patriots, "Billion$ Bikeways" is more "white privilege" for the "affluent" ........ mtg on 4/26

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The average pastime cyclist/biker is white, more educated and earns an above average income.

This is why a few members of our BOS want to attract more "engineers" to live in Chesterfield.

The "engineers" will more likely move to Midlothian than any other district. However, the residents of the other four districts must give up, against their will, more of their tax dollars and their property rights to support the new affluent residents in Midlothian.

Bikeways is a cancer planned to touch every part of Chesterfield and will affect the property rights and freedoms of every citizen and …... even developers. Of course, developers will recover their cost in the price of your new home.

Everyone will be expected to give up more wealth and freedom for the benefit of the few.

"Sportsbackers' Billion$ Bikeways" is an intrusive, expensive program that must stopped.... The county has already issued 3 checks to Sportsbackers totalling $81,000.

By the time this 350 mile, mega park is finally completed the annual maintenance alone will be "mind blowing" and the total of its development cost plus many years of ever increasing annual maintenance costs will far surpass $1 billion.

Go to Sportsbackers' site and check out the pictures of the people who have the money, the time and the equipment to enjoy cycling. You and I are probably not there and neither is the average taxpaying citizen of Chesterfield County.


Come to our 4/26 mtg ... govts, like gardens, do not end at election/planting time ... they need tending ....

On 4/26 at 6:30PM in Room B of the LaPrade Library at 9000 Hull Street Rd, Richmond, VA 23236.


Some planned items of discussion are:

The GA cleared the way for camera companies to make $185 each time anyone passes a stopped school bus.

Impact of SB549 on our current revenue from cash proffers - How to get $6-9 million more each year.

Selection and salary of our new County Administrator.

Impact & damage of the new Sportsbacker's Billion$ Bikeways. ... The County spent $81,000 with Sportsbackers.

Our new "complete roads" policy better known as Agenda 21's "complete streets" policy of NOVA.

The concept of creating a "shadow govt." .... We have two districts covered.

The current planned county budget. - Why do they need 3% more than last year.

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