Saturday, April 23, 2016

A suggestion

I keep getting emails from McCarthy asking for what I consider to  be the most important issue, (though a donation is the main object ) but the TPP is not an option I can check and his web page will not take a message from anyone outside his district. 
Therefore I sent him this snail mail message to: 2421 Rayburn House Office Building,  Washington, DC 20515.  His phone number is: (202) 225-2915

Dear Honorable Kevin McCarthy,


As House Majority Leader you are representing me even though I do not live in your district.

And you send me emails wanting my opinion as to what issue I consider to be most important, but then don't give me the opportunity to tell you.


The most important issue facing us is the TPP which would destroy our sovereignty as a free and independent nation.


I understand that Paul Ryan is supporting it .    Please ask him  to read it.  And, you voted for Fast Track.   I trust that you would  read it as well before voting on it.


By the way,  a free trade agreement would take about one or two pages. What is in the other hundreds in TPP?


Thank you,


Sue Long

A United States citizen who wants to keep us independent of regional control.

Sue Long
"Abide By The Constitution, Not Change It!"

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