Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tom DeWeese, APC support of Jan 14 property rights briefing

Dear Concerned Property Owner,
I am delighted to send you a copy of Tom DeWeese's letter (permission granted) to all 140 legislators encouraging them to attend  the Jan. 14 individual property rights briefing by D. Holt. Fourteen Delegates and four Senators have committed to attend or send their LA. THANK YOU for your encouragement as per the attachment. PLEASE email or call your legislators right away to remind them of just how important this is to you and that attending will save them valuable time as Donna's presentation represents years of research and preparation.
I am thankful to each of you for helping with this effort to help the lawmakers understand this "comprehensive" issue.


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To Whom it May Concern,

            On January 14th, 2013 from 10:00-11:00am Donna Holt of Campaign for Liberty will be providing a briefing on private property rights in the New Wing of the Capitol Building, House Room 3.

            I have personally been on the frontlines to sound the alarm against sustainable development for over 20 years, the threat is real and I can personally endorse the quality and accuracy of Donna's presentation.

            The information to be provided at this meeting is essential for elected officials to know in order to stop the erosion of private property rights in America. This briefing is being designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to fight sustainable development and related UN Agenda 21 legislation as they make their way to your vote.

            It is necessary for you as elected officials to be able to recognize the full and disastrous potential of sustainable legislation. I assure you it is not about environmental protection but a sinister way to transform our government. Donna Holt's seminar will fill you in on buzzwords to look out for and what they really mean. She will cover ways to identify and stop legislation that is infringing on the private property rights of US citizens.

            This briefing is highly recommended for those elected officials who are seeking to uphold their constitutional oath and to protect the individual rights of their constituents. I would strongly encourage your attendance as the issue of private property comes to the forefront in the battle for American freedom.

            I urge you not to let this opportunity pass you by. It is an opportunity to arm yourselves against an ever growing sustainability movement. The information you will receive at this meeting will enable you to better understand and represent the citizens who elected you to protect their rights.

            I hope you will take full advantage of this unique opportunity.


In Liberty,

Tom DeWeese

President American Policy Center

Tricia Stall
Distinction between conservation and environmentalism: The first means taking care to use natural resources without ruining them for the next person. The second says that mankind has no rights and suggests that any use of any natural resource causes damage. We must STOP AGENDA 21!

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