Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rebuild the Peninsula Tea Party (Tues, Dec 11 @ 6:30pm) - Invite Only!

Thanks for coming out last night, I thoroughly enjoyed the enlightened conversation. …and it truly had me thinking. Pretty good to invite 8 and 9 show up.  


I wanted to share with you the position in which I come from concerning developing a community organization. It’s amazing how writing forces you to get your thoughts and arguments in order.


In addition, I want to share with you an article I wrote about the designed, financial crisis. I march it from the 1977 CRA through the Clinton years to the housing collapse. It’s a long article but it demonstrates the blind path Republicans negotiate.  …


As for our future, I understand that it’s great to have an organizational meeting the fourth Monday of the month but we’re in the building stages of this organization. We need to develop an organization that creates synergy. To believe that we can attend every city council meeting and scream, our objectives won’t accomplish our goals. According to Agenda 21, city council meetings were developed for that purpose. We can add school board meetings, planning meetings, etc.


The intention is for us to engage the confrontation head on. The intention is to create conflict so they can come in as peacekeepers, so my objective is to create a storyline.


Also, when organizing an organization. The hardest part is in the beginning, who wanted to be a Steve Jobs in the 70s, Sam Walton or Ray Kroc in the 50s. I’m not saying that we’re going to be that, but we won’t be anything but the cap we place on ourselves by not trying something.


The NRA has kept our gun rights in place and you can’t get more dangerous than a weapons. The part of the Constitution that has no defense is…PRIVATE Property rights.


From last night, I got that we should consider a name change and ready to hear more suggestions…I’ve gotten a few.


Again thanks for coming,

Brian Evans, 369-7014

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