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MASDAR...a Progressive's Collective Vision

MASDAR...a Progressive's,
Collective Vision
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Federal Government Invests in MASDAR
Economic, Environmental and Social Progress

In 2008, Barrack Obama proclaimed the fundamental change of America. In 2012, his campaign slogan is "Forward". What does that mean? Where is Americain 2030?
As Americans fight over the rich paying their fair share, reducing social programs like Social Security and Medicare and reducing our military, our federal tax money is being spent in Abu Dhabi.
With the push for Smart Growth, Sustainable Development, Comprehensive Planning and now the funding of MASDAR (an Abu Dhabi program), they have given us a glimpse of their vision.
Hilary Clinton provided this glimpse during a speech in the Middle East.
This is a partnership between the governments of "United States and Abu Dhabi around renewable energy, and climate change and sustainable development that takes advantage of Human Capital." (0:13)

Hillary Clinton continues to claim that "The old strategies for growth and propersity will no longer work." (0:33)

"We have high hopes that it will provide the link between developed and developing countries in sustainable energy production." (1:56)

"MASDAR and the U.S. Department of Energy has signed a Memorandum of Understanding last year, to promote joint research development of clean energy technologies." (2:12)

Hillary Clinton at Masdar Institute
Hillary Clinton at Masdar Institute
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What is MASDAR?
The World's First Sustainable City!

On February 8, 2008, the Government of Abu Dhabi launched an ambitious plan to create the World's Sustainable City...MASDAR City.
MASDAR will be Zero Waste, Zero Carbon and a Fossil Fuel Free city. (1:00). They will eliminate the fossil fuel automobile..and have pedestrian only streets (1:07)
The goal is to have the highest quality of life with the lowest environmental impact.
For a city of the future, "Master Planners" have gone back in time.

Transport (2:16)
The transportation system includes a subway, light rail and high speed rail.
Everyone will be within 250 meters from public transport. (2:45)

SMART Technology (2:47)
City design aims to reduce electricity and water demand as much as possible.
"Smart" buildings and appliances will monitor consumption.
World Wildlife Fund and BioRegional have developed
It's academic and researchers will search for solutions to mankind's most pressing problems, climate change and sustainable human development. (5:43)
Welcome To Masdar City
Welcome To Masdar City (6:51)
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SMART Technology
Verizon's Home Monitoring & Control

As previously mentioned, "Smart" buildings and appliances will monitor consumption to ensure that cities meet zero carbon emissions.
While corporation like Verizon is ushering in mechanisms to remotely monitor and control appliances, cameras and thermostats within your home. But what happens when restrictions are placed on our uses of electricity, water and other resources?

Controlling Your Home with Verizon Home Monitoring & Control
Controlling Your Home with Verizon
Home Monitoring & Control
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...a Glimpse into the Future

If we continue this path, MASDAR provides an insight into our future and what it will resemble, but everyone knows that enough utopias to fit 7 billion people cannot be built.
This societial utopia is totally depended on the collective. Where all actions are monitored by technology in the name of the environment.

Our education system reinforces this collective thought, as the betterment for humanity is the reason. This is a system in which someone cannot escape.

The essence of innovation is thinking outside the box but Milton Friedman puts it the best.

Milton Friedman - Greed
Milton Friedman - Capitalism

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