Sunday, November 13, 2011

Property Rights Activist Strategy Toolset

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Many people have heard about new strategies to combat the globalism at our door which is called UN Agenda 21. Some of you may only have snippets of information about these, and it's important to get all this information out. Attached are some documents presenting in overall terms several  strategies which might be used separately or together, comprising an Activist Strategy Toolset. This is meant to complement, not replace, any other information or training you are receiving from Karen Bracken, John Anthony, or others on these topics. This information is intended to give you a "heads up" to identify possible strategies applicable to your area, and where you might follow up for more information.

1. Sustainable Development Flier: 2-page Overview of A21
2. Petition to Withdraw from ICLEI - Petition form to members of a City Council to withdraw from ICLEI
3. Bonner Cty Property Rights council - Explanation of the Property Rights council concept
4. What Is coordination - Explanation of what the coordination process is
5. Coordination Process Federal Statutory Authority - Explanation of how the law allows and in fact mandates federal coordination with local governments.

* For more information on coordination: Contact Fred Kelly Grant,
* For more information on property rights councils: Contact Karen Bracken,
* For a formal presentation on UN Agenda 21 which can be shown to elected officials, go to one of the two links shown below: (all downloads are from my TransferBigFiles page and are free of viruses)
This link to download the PowerPoint file with narration:

False Choices A21 Voiceover -Officials 14m Show.ppsx

Or go to this link to download two PDF files with the identical content in the above narrated presentation, only without the voice-over:  one file contains slides only, the other contains slides with notes.

https://www.transferbigfiles. com/c610f5af-39ab-4031-863a- eb5fe0453076?rid= F5ECtoKxTiVCbDDZz8KTHA2
  • AGENDA 21 for Public Officials - pdf slides.pdf
  • AGENDA 21 for Public Officials - pdf notes.pdf

Shelly Kennedy Cummins
Bayshore TEA Party
AgEnders NJ
(917) 282-7491

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