Wednesday, November 16, 2011

[Peninsula-Patriots] FW: T E A Party Activity.

Good Afternoon Patriots, I just thought I would pass this along to you all.






You tell em' Bob!!!!!


> Bill,
> On your show this morning you sorta raised a question about T E A
> Party activity and I believe Tucker said that leaderless groups fade
> away and that T E A Party is a leaderless group.
> I beg to differ. Most T E A party members are not wealthy and do not
> have groups such as union or George Soros financing their activity.
> Here in Central Virginia we have our hands busy trying to keep socialist
> organizations such as Regional Planning District Commissions from
> sneaking in Agenda 21 principles past unsuspecting local Boards of
> Supervisors. There are very active T E A Party groups from Newport News
> to Fredericksburg, that I am aware of, fighting to maintain individual
> property Rights. Also similar Activity in the Campbell, Bedford and
> Albemarle County areas. There may not be a single national leader but
> there are leaders in these areas.
> We would love to participate in groups visiting our members of congress
> but local issues are where we can be most effective with our limited
> financial resources. For example trying to get the media and Republican
> Party to recognize Jamie Radtke as a viable, knowledgeable, experienced
> candidate to oppose Tim Cain for Jim Webb's seat in the Senate. Since
> these are not on the "National Plate" these actions go unnoticed by the
> mainstream media. It might open your eyes if some of Fox staff would
> get out in the real world and see what these groups are having to
> contend with
> Robert Crowder
> Member Essex County T E A Party.

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