Thursday, December 29, 2016

Time to DEFUND the United Nations has been specially selected to provide critical feedback on Barack Obama's attack on Israel.

**In order to have statistically accurate results, we need every single participant to submit their responses by 12/31/16.**

Should We IMMEDIATELY Defund U.S. Support of the U.N.?

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For decades, the United States has blocked any attempts by the United Nations to dictate terms to our ally, Israel, over their long-running conflict with the Palestinian government, instead fighting for a solution supporting Israel and agreed upon by both parties.

But when the Global Bureaucrats at the U.N. Security Council brought up a resolution condemning Israel and calling for a global boycott of our most important ally, President Barack Obama and John Kerry saw a chance to take a parting, lame-duck shot against our Israeli friends -- and fired away.

Samantha Power, his radical leftist, anti-Israel U.N. Ambassador and John Kerry, Hillary's successor at the State Department refused to veto this international attack on Israel -- which now has the force of international law.

Robert, as a strong and determined friend of the people and State of Israel, I am outraged by the Obama Administration's blatant anti-Israel betrayal -- and it is time to ACT.

That's why I hope you'll act IMMEDIATELY and take my ONE question poll. Will you join my call to cease ALL financial support of the United Nations until this outrageous and totally unacceptable attack on Israel is reversed!?

Please do that now! Help me make the anti-Israel contingent at the U.N. understand their attack will have consequences: that the United States, which pays more than 1/5 of all United Nations funding -- more than $654 million in 2015 alone -- WILL NOT provide a penny more until this travesty is reversed.

Thank you, Robert -- as always, I greatly appreciate your principled support! Please take my ONE QUESTION POLL now!


For liberty,
Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz


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